July 21, 2024

3 Wonderful Kitchen Models You’ll Absolutely Love

Kitchen renovation is an enthralling idea that everybody considers once in a while. Whether it’s that old countertop that’s dusty and stained and worn out or those cabinets that are no more spacious enough to accommodate all your stuff or the obsolete light fixtures that do not work efficiently with your new appliances, these are some of the major disappointments that everybody has to go through. And voila! There’s a solution to make your kitchen a beautiful abode rather than a horrible mess – it’s kitchen remodeling. 

Remodeling – it sounds fun and fancy. But, when it comes to redesigning an old place to make it look brand new, while making sure that the outcome is practical, fancy isn’t what you feel. There’s so much work that it can be overwhelming if you plan to do it on your own. It might still be fun if it’s just a curtain you want to replace or a shelf you want to add to your existing cabinetry, but remodeling the entire space isn’t something you can handle on your own. 

There’s a lot of dedication and thinking that goes behind every single kitchen decor. Professional renovators can handle big kitchens as well as small kitchens and they know where to begin from. Some such most interesting remodeling designs – successfully created by comptoir de cuisine Entrepot Cuisine, one of the most elite Montréal interior designer firms – that’ll bewitch you are as follows. 

  1. The Milano White Kitchen

This one is an absolute delight if you’d like to feel the excellence of the contemporary era in your house. With shaker style cabinets and European style door hinges, this is an interesting kitchen style that’ll cost about $5238.72 for a 10X10 room. Some of the highlights about this design that you should know are as follows.

  • It gives out a high glossy finish.
  • The Quaker style drawers have a dovetailed finish and adjustable hinges.
  1. The Brentwood Kitchen

If rustic is your thing, there’s nothing better than the Brentwood Kitchen style that starts at $3932.74 for a 10X10 room. An extremely durable model with a mocha colored finish, this one has its own specialties like:

  • It’s an all-wood design with 5-piece raised panel drawer fronts.
  • It has adjustable European style hinges.
  1. The Harmony Bordeaux Kitchen

This timeless classic kitchen model is a work of excellent craftsmanship, beginning at $6226.56. It gives out an astounding luxurious vibe and has the following features.

  • It has French Miter pillowed solid wood doors.
  • The drawers glide open fully and the hinges are adjustable.

These are some wonderful kitchen models that’ll offer your house luxury and comfort whether you have a big place or a small one.