April 22, 2024

  5 Key Features Of An Multipurpose Office Desk In Singapore

Your office desk in Singapore is the most vital spot in your workplace. Why not? It has your desktop, the stapler you always misplace, the pen your boss always borrows and never returns, and a jar of sweets your officemates secretly swipe when you are not around.

But gone are the days when people still have a great affinity for a hardwood home office desk in Singapore. In this day and age, more than the material, people should consider the design and functionality of office desks. This article will discuss the must-have features of an office desk.

5 Must-Have Key Features Of An Office Desk In Singapore

People consider several factors when they buy office furniture in Singapore. They ensure the furniture is within their budget, the design reflects the brand, and durable and long-lasting. But the most significant consideration is the functionality of the office furniture. It does not matter if the office desk is made of hardwood that could last a decade if the design does not boost efficiency and meet the employee’s needs.

Here are the key features that improve the efficiency and productivity of your staff:

1. Built-in outlet and cable organiser

Half a century ago, stacks of paper and a bulky typewriter were on the office desks. But today, these stacks of papers can fit in a single electronic document which you can access anytime on your laptop. Desktops and laptops are a staple of office furniture in Singapore today.

Desktops and laptops need electricity to run. Some people use extension cords to plug their devices when the power outlet is far from their office tables. That is why it is a must for a home office desk in Singapore to have a built-in outlet and cable organiser.

A desk outlet simply works like an extension cable. Desks with built-in outlets have wires that are plugged into the main outlet. The power travels to its built-in outlet, where you can plug in your laptop charger. Some tables also come with a cable organiser, so the wires are not entangled carelessly on your table. This way your employees do not have to share electricity outlets, since each desk has its own.

2. Adjustable height

Ergonomics play a crucial role in the comfort of your employees. Can you believe that posture problems affect the productivity of your staff? Craning their necks towards the computer screen because the table is too low causes neck and shoulder pain. On the other hand, a high desk causes the arms to form a 45-degree angle when typing. The slope could cause wrist injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome.

Employees prone to injuries and pains are not as productive as those healthy ones. You can improve your staff’s comfort when working if you will buy an ergonomic chair and desk in Singapore.

An office desk with adjustable height ensures that it can accommodate good posture regardless of the user’s height. For example, if the employee is short, they can adjust the office desk lower, so their arms are at a 90-degree angle when using the computer. If the employee is taller, they can make the table higher. Some even convert into a standing table in Singapore, so the staff can work standing after hours of sitting down.

3. Keyboard trays

Keyboard trays are not new on many office desks and furniture, yet they remain a crucial part of the design and functionality of the table. The keyboard tray on an office desk in Singapore suspends the keyboard under the desktop. Since the tray is slightly lower than the table, it gives a 90-degree angle of the wrists and forearms. After using the keyboard, you can slide it in, and you are good to go!

Moreover, the tray is a space saver. Instead of the keyboard occupying the space on the table, having the tray frees up the table space for other office supplies and trinkets.

4. Storage space and drawers


Drawers and storage racks are among the must-have office furniture in Singapore. They keep all sensitive documents, office supplies, and other things in the workplace.

It is also not new for office desks to have their drawers and storage space where employees can keep their pens and clips and hide their snacks. As much as possible, avoid office desks with central drawers or drawers directly above your lap. The reason? It means that the table height is fixed and can’t be adjusted. Moreover, it blocks your chair’s armrest, meaning you tuck in closer to your desk. In addition, it is hard to slide the drawer because your chest or stomach is in the way.

Choose an office desk in Singapore with a drawer or storage on the side. Besides the fact that it provides you with more leg room, it does not block your armrest. Moreover, your body does not obstruct the drawer when sliding it open.

5. Extendable office desk

When your desk space is not enough, you don’t have to buy another office table furniture in Singapore. Instead, pick an extendible or extendable office desk.

The extendable office desk is a smartly designed convertible table. It either has a folding table on both sides, which you can easily lift and lock to have additional desk space. Some, instead of folding designs, use a sliding design. Just imagine it as keyboard trays on both sides of your table, which you can slide out when needed and tuck in when not. But these sliding tables are much sturdier and longer than your keyboard tray.

Extendable desks are perfect for small offices that lack a conference room. You get an instant conference table by extending your extendable desks.


Don’t just buy any office chair and table in Singapore. In the case of office desks, choose the ones that possess these features. These must-have office desks have excellent functionality that boosts the efficiency and productivity of employees!

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