June 14, 2024

7 Places You Can Place Your Tulip Side Table Replica

If you’re searching for the perfect tulip table replica from Eero Saarinen’s pedestal collection, then the side table would be a very unique choice. There’s a lot you can do with it and further we’ll take a look at some inspirations:

  1. Making a statement

The tulip side table may be understated and elegant in looks, but it can definitely be used as a statement piece. You can place one in your living rooms to add some contrast to heavy-set and typical furniture – just like in this image!


  1. Double chair matchup

The tulip side table can make an excellent transition piece between two large chairs. So, if you’ve got such a setting in your den, office, living room, or study, you can use this particular tulip table replica to get the desired results. You can look at the set-up in this image as the ideal inspiration for this technique.


  1. The ideal accent piece

The tulip side table is the perfect accent accessory for all main accent pieces. It looks best when used as a freestanding piece that’s paired with chairs, sideboards or even artworks. It’s basically an accompaniment that can make whatever you’re using to add contrast in your spaces feel even more attractive and wholesome.


  1. Create an isolated nook

If you’re a fan of some ‘me time’ and want to design a solitary nook for yourself, then the tulip side table would be the perfect piece for furniture for you. You can easily pair it up with any kind of a chair and get excellent visual results. This tulip table replica matches really well with different colors – no matter how vibrant, dull, or neutral they are. It can be a placeholder for your books or some decorative accessories depending on your needs.


  1. Accenting living rooms

The tulip side table is a great way to accent your modern, contemporary, or eclectic style living rooms. You can use a single piece or a pair of this particular tulip table replica to add some visual diversity to your spaces. Its thin pedestal, round top, and classy aesthetic would definitely pair well with the rest of the furniture no matter how diverse it is. You can even place decorative trinkets on top of it for some extra homeliness.


  1. Accenting plain walls

If you want to add a dual functional and decorative element to your plain accent walls, then featuring a pair of single chair and side tulip table replica can be a great choice. The tulip side table is highly versatile and able to enhance any plain surface. Being paired with artistic chairs only enhances its presence throughout the room. You can add a cushion or two along with vases and trinkets to complete the look.


  1. Replacing the nightstand

If you’re tired of browsing through heavy nightstands or don’t have enough space in your rooms for one, then you can simply use this particular tulip table replica to your advantage. This side table is slender, classy, and an excellent way to add some trendiness in your bedrooms. You can feature whatever décor you want on its surface and the rest of its pedestal form would simply highlight your handy work.

So, this is how you can use this tulip table replica in your homes. It’s a great way to add some visual diversity and uniqueness to your spaces.