June 14, 2024

The Systems and Principles of Sloped Roofing

The sloped roofing in a building refers to a sloped cover made of any material and not a concrete flat lab which can be used by humans. In a slope roofing building, the system of slope in the roof serves as an indicator to determine how hi-tech the construction is. A high slope roofing indicates that the roof is constructed with low-tech systems whereas a low slope roofing indicates a high-tech roof. Get in touch with Roof Star roofing in order to avail all necessary assistance as well as materials for your roofing.

In order to understand the principles of low-tech and high-tech roofing, just watch a thatch roof which is perhaps the most low-tech roofing system. The thatch roofs across the world usually have a slope of around 45 degrees. The low-tech roofing system in thatch houses have high slope because of the reason that they are not watertight, and the high slope forces the water runoff before it gets penetrated through the roof. However, the thatch roofs are necessarily thick often 400 mm so that the water does not get penetrated.

On the other hand, a low slope high-tech metal sheeting is installed at a very low slope of 1 degree or sometimes even less than that because of one basic reason that is perfectly watertight. The characteristics of roofing are not only to resist water penetration but also to perform other functions like it must support snow and must look great or attractive. In addition to this, the roofing must also have long-lasting abrasion-resistant finish and should not absorb heat in the hot climate as well as must not lose heart in the cold climate.

Similarly, ideal roofing should be able to withstand wind loads irrespective of a high force of the winds in some areas, it should withstand human loads especially if it is not accessible should withstand the load of maintenance workers, it should further withstand the weight of snow in the winter as well as earthquake.

There are different types of slope roofing such as thatch roofing, stone or slate roofing, clay tile roofing, wood shingle roofing, asphalt shingle roofing and metal roofing. The metal roofing is most popular in the contemporary slope roofing systems and used widely in residential as well as commercial and industrial constructions like airport terminals, railway stations, educational buildings etc. A variety of metals are used in slope roofing which a highly waterproof and looks great.