June 14, 2024

Can You Widen Your Driveway Entrance?

Did you pave over your concrete driveway because it was the only way to accommodate extra vehicles, or just for an aesthetic improvement? With concrete being so cheap these days, many homeowners are faced with this same decision. While widening a concrete driveway is not impossible, there are certain factors that you have to consider before.

1) Existing Condition

The first thing to consider when looking to widen a concrete driveway is what’s currently under the drive. If you have gravel dug up in your current setup, then getting the correct height back will be tough without bringing in good fill soil to get the right depth. Soil types vary depending on where you live, but if unsure take a shovel and dig down around 6 inches below ground level for a good test. If the soil is very rocky, you may want to consider taking it up and running a rake through the area first.

2) Vehicles & Traffic

When narrowing concrete driveways proved problematic, why would widening one be any easier? The first objective should always be surrounding vehicles and traffic. If your guests leave skid marks on your concrete after they park, then this should be addressed before moving forward with any concrete driveway project. You can do this by adding extra gravel or filling large holes like those from trees that have fallen over time. Remember: if making changes to existing concrete, always seal it afterward for protection!  

3) Curing Time

Nowadays concrete is cured faster than ever thanks to improved recipes and high-quality concrete hardscape materials fl mixers. However, concrete is only as strong as the ground it’s poured on. If you’re looking to widen concrete driveways and take concrete trucks over them regularly, then you should consider bringing in fill dirt to eliminate settlement issues later down the road.

4) Hardscaping Over Your Concrete Driveway

If you’ve decided to go with a concrete driveway because of all of its benefits, including ease of maintenance and unlimited design possibilities, then why would you want a different surface over it? Think about whether your final result will require gravel or another type of material that can easily be swept away from underneath your concrete driveway rather than simply ‘poured’ into place like concrete does. In addition, having a hardscape surface like concrete can actually raise your home’s property value.

5) The Width of the Driveway Entrance

The width of the driveway entrance is a critical element when it comes to widening concrete driveways. If you have a small driveway entrance, then it may be possible to simply remove the curb and widen the opening. However, if your driveway entrance is already quite wide, then you will need to take into account other elements like trees, fences, or Custom Mailbox Installation ocean county nj which will need to be relocated.

When looking to widen concrete driveways, there are several things that homeowners should take into account before beginning any project. Hiring a reliable concrete contractor is essential and understanding these factors, will help make the entire process much more clear – ensuring that everyone is happy with the final results!