April 20, 2024

Essential Questions you need to consider when looking for Quartz Countertops

When you look forward to purchasing Quartz Countertops, you may have several questions in your mind. These questions would be essential for you to seek answers to if you were looking forward to laying your hands on the best countertop in the region.

Let us delve on some of the important questions you would come across when purchasing quartz countertops.

Is it available in various colors?

Quartz would be made available in a wide variety of colors. However, the most common would be neutrals inclusive of brown, cream, and black. It would also be made available in grassy green or apple red.

Is it indestructible?

Unfortunately, there would not be any counter surface that has been deemed entirely indestructible. However, quartz can withstand a great deal of force. If it has been cared for properly, it could last for a significant length of time.

Do you need to seal it?

You should rest assured that quartz does not need to be sealed. When you install the quartz, you would not be required to maintain it as other countertop options. Simply wiping the surface of the countertop would be adequate.

Is it affected by heat?

Quartz would become discolored when hot items are placed on it. If you were thinking of countering it, you should ensure to make use of hot pad or trivet when setting hot pans on your quartz countertops.

Is it stain and scratch proof?

You would not be required to use a cutting board when preparing food items on it. You should rest assured that quartz has a stronger surface than granite or marble. While it may not be impervious to staining, it has been deemed resistant to stains. Therefore, you do not have to show concerns about staining the surface caused by juices, oils, coffee, and other food items.

You should rest assured that quartz countertops would be a great choice for your home décor needs.