July 21, 2024

Finer Opportunities in Getting the Interior Designed in the Best Method

It is common to confuse the concepts of interior design and interior decoration as synonyms, this is wrong. Design and decoration are two different disciplines that, although complementary, require separate studies and skills.

What You Can Expect from the Interior Designer

The interior designer must have notions of architecture, since he must deal with changes in the structure of the interior of a home. This is responsible for analyzing environmental psychology, which is human behavior with respect to an environment, and based on it create a logical space for those who will live in it.

  • The design professional takes care of it at all levels; from the logical composition as a whole to the artisan design of the materials that will make it up in windows, cladding, doors and furniture in general. In addition, in the global analysis of the space, the designer must study factors such as temperature, lighting or acoustics, among others, in such a way as to create a totally suitable environment.
  • For his part, the interior decorator occupies the task of sprucing up a space and giving it the final touches. They should not carry out analysis of the environment, but consider the different materials, colors and furniture that best match each other so that there is harmony as a whole.

The Trait of the Designer

We can say that an interior designer has the ability to work completely without an interior decorator, since the former know how to correctly analyze the most convenient structures depending on the space to be designed. Therefore, interior decoration is a part of interior design that complements it and can give different perspectives, less technical and more creative, for the same environment.

With the online interior design courses Business School you will be able to complement your interior training, so that you will be able to propose global decoration projects, master the different possibilities of construction materials and professional techniques both at a domestic and business level. With this course the student is trained for computer-aided interior design using the 3D Studio Max program for the production of 3D images applicable to simulation, design or architecture, among others.

The Right Functions of the Project

The function of the industrial designer could be considered vital in the work of an interior designer. These are the ones who are in charge of creating and modifying the furniture and objects that will be part of the set created by the interior designer.

Industrial design has the objective of making objects useful and practical as well as creative and visual, adapting to the context in which their shape, size or comfort will be located, always in view of satisfying the needs of people. 

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