July 25, 2024

Gas Safety – Landlord’s Responsibility

If you are a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure gas safety so that your property is safe for those residing in your property. If you are a first time landlord and if you are planning to rent your property, before you take in any tenants you need to understand your responsibilities as a landlord. 

All the gas equipment and appliance installed have to be tested and certified that they are safe. You need to call the most trusted agency for landlord gas safety certificate Glasgow has to offer. This is a safety norm and it cannot be preformed just for name’s sake but all the equipment and appliances have to be checked thoroughly and you should get your certificate after careful testing. 

The gas safety certificate has to be renewed every year by getting the gas safety inspectors to inspect your property every year. If you have not handled such tasks or responsibilities before do not worry, you just need to call the best company for compliance services and facilities management Carlisle has to offer and they will take care of the rest. 

Get an immediate appointment with your facilities management company for the inspection. Upon inspecting the equipment and the gas lines they will immediately issue your certificate. If any issues need to be addressed, they will indicate the issues and you may need to call the respective service providers and have the issues fixed. 

Your gas safety inspectors will not handle the maintenance and repair jobs. The scope of their services is limited to the inspection of the equipment. For someone totally new, all these may not be familiar. If you are in such a position, you need to take time to understand the requirements and what it involves. If you remain ignorant of all these formalities and requirements you will end up facing huge liability issues. 

As soon as you own a rental property, you should first find a commercial facilities management company. Select your service provider with adequate care so that you do not have to frequently change your service provider. Moreover, gas safety certificate is an ongoing requirement. This is not something that you would get it done once and forget. You will have to get the certificate once in every twelve months and you should retain the old certificates for at least two years. So do not discard the records. 

When you work with a seasoned facilities management company, they will help you with these processes and procedures. You do not have to worry about non-compliance issues. Find a company that offers end to end compliance and facilities management services and not just the gas safety inspection services. It is much easier to deal with a single company rather than multiple service providers. Get started with your search and screening process right away so that before you get your first tenant in, you could have all these compliance requirements met and have a clean start as a landlord.