April 22, 2024

How Does an Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Work?

It used to be the case that automatic gate openers were found almost exclusively on commercial or industrial properties. These days, it’s also becoming commonplace for homeowners to purchase and install automatic openers for their sliding gates.

A slide gate opener allows residents and guests to gain access to the driveway easily. It will eliminate the need for leaving the car in the rain or snow to open a manual gate, increase the home’s curb appeal, and save money on other security methods.

Not all homeowners are ready to take the plunge and install automatic gate openers, and that’s fine. Those who are still on the fence can read on to find out how these technologically advanced products work before making a final decision.

Sliding vs. Swing Gates

The first point to address is the difference between sliding and swing gates. Both are popular options for residential properties, although most homeowners prefer sliding gates.

While swing gates open outward or inward, like a door, and require extra space, sliding gates are installed on a track that allows them to be pulled back and forth. When closed, the gate blocks the driveway. When opened, it’s out of the way and is tucked in behind the fence, taking up no extra space.

It’s worth noting here that sliding gates are more difficult to install. Even handy homeowners usually need the help of a professional. They can, however, be installed on slopes or in smaller spaces where cars must be parked at the end of the driveway, which gives them an edge over swing gates.

Types of Sliding Gate Motors

Automatic sliding gates require motors to move them back and forth. As a general rule, larger gates require more-powerful motors since they put more strain on the system. These motors are usually hooked into the home’s electrical system, although there are solar- and battery-powered options available for some models.

Some sliding gates are operated using underground motors. This option tends to be much more expensive since it requires a lot more work to install a motor in a plastic case underground than it does to put it out in the open, but it also creates a much more aesthetically appealing look. Homeowners who aren’t worried about staying within a set budget often opt for automatic sliding gates powered by underground motors to maintain curb appeal.

How Sliding Gate Motors Works?

Sliding gate motors use cogs and teeth attached to the gate to open and close it. They must be combined with one of three accessories to work:

  • Roller guides
  • Guide tracks
  • Cantilever devices

In cases where the gate is already installed and will be retrofitted to accommodate automatic action, the choice is simple: Pick the system that fits the gate’s current opening and closing mechanisms. Otherwise, it’s largely a matter of personal preference.

Reach Out for More Information

Still have questions about how automatic sliding gates work? The best thing to do is to reach out to a company that specializes in selling gate openers and other home security and improvement products for answers before making a decision about what type of sliding gate opener to install.