July 25, 2024

How to incorporate your pet in your home’s design

When you are reinventing the look of your house, you’ve likely taken into consideration what your kids and partner will think of the space. Of course, they’re a big part of your life, so their opinions do matter. One member of the family that you’ve left out, though, is your pet. They’re not just a companion in your home, they’re a big part of your life and deserve a spot in pride of place in your household. If this is true for you, then why not keep them in mind when you are redecorating your home?

This doesn’t mean that you need to paint your pooch into the bathroom tiles, but it does mean that you can incorporate them into the design of your home purposely. For example, you may choose to include a small nook in your kitchen that holds the feeding bowls ready for the best puppy food UK for the day. The options are seemingly endless, so let’s explore what those options are for incorporating your pet into the design of your home.

Somewhere To Sleep

Pets need somewhere to retire in the evening, much in the same way that we do. You can choose to buy a standard one from the pet shop, or you can build one into the area under the stairs. Creating a sleep space purely for your pet gives them a place that’s just theirs in which to retire, and it can really compliment the colour scheme of your home if you are savvy about it.

Replace the Flooring

Home design doesn’t just come from the painted walls, but the floors, too. Instead of installing a new carpet that can be covered in pet hair in no time at all, why not consider hardwood or laminate flooring instead? It means that they won’t catch their claws on anything while they walk, and you can opt for something durable that is also comfortable for the whole family. If your pet has an accident, it’s far easier to clean up on vinyl flooring than it is on the carpet!

Pictures and Paw Prints, Oh My!

You can incorporate your pet by using them as your inspiration for the design of your home. Consider their portrait being done by a professional, and add paw print pictures to the walls in the hallways of your home, to show that a pet rules the roost. If you have family pictures around the house, then it stands to reason that you should have framed photos of your pet, too.

Pets deserve a place of pride in your home, as it’s about them as much as it is about anyone else in the house. They deserve to be included, and when your life has a pet taking up some space, it’s natural to want to. From the fabrics that you choose for the sofa to the artwork on the walls, you can keep your pet immortalised in your home design.