April 20, 2024

Rugs cleaning and maintenance guide for longer time


Rugs are the woven material which enhances the beauty of room by making it fashionable. With the passage of time rugs started getting old and loose its decorum. Rugs may look unattractive to the eyes if not properly maintained or cleaned time to time.

But how will you clean the rugs? Well though! Everyone knows, rugs are not as easy to clean as the cloths we wear. It requires professional cleaning which will maintain its color and style. But everytime frequently you are not going to pay and schedule your cleaning. The primary thing is that you have to follow regular maintenance to make the rugs use last long.

If you are unclear about cleaning and maintenance of your rugs, go through the below mentioned ideas. These points will help you to keep your rugs durable for longer time. With little awareness and following the below suggestions will let you control over the proper maintenance of your rug.

  • Vacuuming:- This is the most important work one should practice regularly for proper maintenance of your rug. Using Vacuum cleaning pump can keep your rug free from dirt, dust and allergens making it safer even for your health too. Sandy and micro granular soils which can cause heavy damage to the rug material can be avoided with vacuum cleaning.
  • Saving your rugs from direct exposure to sunlight:- The strong and warm sunlight can vanish the strong deep color from Rugs. The de-colorizing of the rug can make it look oldies and weird. It is advisable not to bring rugs in direct contact with strong sunlight thereby closing window shades, shutters or balcony doors.
  • Avoid dipping rugs in hot water:- Dipping the rug in steam hot water with the purpose of cleaning dirt can actually cause long term damage to your rug. It can destroy mostly the material properties of the rug and causes shrinkage. Not only is this, the color, style of the rug also affected too much.
  • Odors of the rugs:- If the bad smell or odor has been penetrated too deeply into your rug, there is no easy solution to get rid of this. You have to maintain the humidity of surrounding environment to keep a control over it. Pets are the main source of creating this problem to your rug. Also, you need to practice “no shoes” policy in the room to keep the unwanted dirt and odors away from the rug.
  • Engaging the professional rug cleaner:- Some rugs which are very sensitive to damage, needs extra care. Rugs like silk rug, woolen rug, and handmade rugs require the engagement of professional rug cleaner service. It is required to check the reputation and customer reviews of the service provider before choosing any professional rug cleaning service.

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  • Burns:- It can cause severe damage to your rugs. Make sure you put something under the candle to avoid the dropping of wax on the rug. While smoking the ash shouldn’t fall over the rug. These are the simple precautionary measures to be taken care of too.
  • Stains:– It can cause the damage to the look of the rugs. The spilling of food, beverages or wine should be immediately treated with table salt. Otherwise, it can leave a permanent mark over your rug design and make the look weird. Thanks.