May 30, 2024

The Right Solutions for the Roof Replacement: How You Can Go For It

The roof is the other big piece of the cake. If the roof is old, damaged, it is better to change it and increase the price of the house accordingly. And keep the bills! You will not be a winner in itself since you make an expense which is added, to the nearest dollar, to the sale price. But you buy peace: if the roof is too defective and the buyer is struggling with leaks, he may knock on your door to complain about roof replacement hickory nc. Or if you agree together that the roof is to be redone, the buyer may well ask for a substantial price reduction that will not be to your advantage. For the roof replacement Athens GA this is important.

The Best of Bad Weather Choices

Years and bad weather cause your roof to deteriorate and deteriorate. At the forefront of the vagaries of the weather, a roof renovation should be considered. It may be time to change your tiles and why not re-insulate for better heat conservation.

  • If your home is not located in a protected area and the renovation of your roof does not change the exterior appearance of your house (identical renovation), no authorization will be requested. However, if you are in a protected area and / or you change the appearance of your house, a prior declaration of work will be necessary.

A prior declaration of work for a roof renovation

The prior declaration of work is an administrative file which allows the administration to verify that the project complies with the town planning rules in force in the municipality where it is located. It is generally required for carrying out small projects. Two copies of the file must be provided. The instruction period is generally 1 month from the date of submission of the file. Its period of validity is 3 years.

The prior declaration of work is required when you have to modify the exterior appearance of your house during work on your roof:

  • Modification of the color, the shape of the tiles
  • Change of type of cover
  • Changing the inclination of the slope
  • Creation of openings

Take Off Your Projects

Get your advance declaration of work without taking the lead and on time. All these characteristics must appear on the declaration. Indeed, each municipality has its own rules for respecting the urban landscape, especially if your home is located in a housing estate or in a protected area.


A multitude of materials and styles exist today to offer you all the visual, economic and insulating comfort you need. Often combined with a facade renovation, the roof renovation will breathe new life into your home. There are more cachet and value. Nothing like a new, clean and solid roof to shelter you and make your home a real cocoon.

Choices that You Can Have

While thermal insulation against cold is perfectly under control, it is different for insulation against heat. The data to take into account here is the phase shift, that is to say the time it takes for heat to pass through an insulating layer. In this register, mineral wools are not the best placed. Although there is no official scientific and technical method for measuring the phase shift, it seems that insulators of plant origin (hemp, cellulose wadding, wood wool, etc.) are better placed on this plane. In this area, the notions of density and inertia are important: the denser a material, the more inertia it offers, and the better its phase shift.