April 14, 2024

What Furniture Do Singles Need When Renting An Apartment?

Despite the world’s technological advancement, the number of people choosing a single life grows each year. In Singapore alone, 31.3% of the population is still single, and only some get married when they reach 30 years old. If you are someone who plans to pursue a single lifestyle and will rent an apartment soon, here are the other essential pieces of furniture you should consider getting besides a single mattress in Singapore.

  1. King Or Queen Size Mattress 

Why get a single mattress when you can have more space with a queen or king size mattress in Singapore? Since they are enormous, you can sleep more comfortably without worrying about falling off the bed.

  1. Side Table

Whether or not you love to read at night, a side table in Singapore can be a great addition to your bedroom. After all, you can place anything on its top beside books, such as your smartphone, alarm luck, journal, and more.

  1. Bookshelf

While it is true that the bookshelf is made for books, that does not mean you cannot place your figures and trophies there. If your bookshelf has enough space, you can put anything of your choice.

  1. Coffee Table 

Like a side table, a coffee table in Singapore is also a great addition to your living room. It will make your living room or your apartment, as a whole, more welcoming.

  1. Wooden Shoe Cabinet

Even though you are single, that does not mean you will only wear one pair of footwear.  At the very least, you will have shoes for formal events, sports, and indoor slippers for your guests, which is why you need to get a wooden shoe cabinet to store all of them.

Do You Need Help Purchasing Home Furniture?

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