May 30, 2024

What Makes Ipe A Perfect Combo Of Beauty And Durability?

When choosing the right lumber for your marine building project, there are many to consider. The harsh conditions need materials with the following qualities that brazilian ipe wood Florida has:

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant

If you need a high-grade Ipe wood to complete the next marine construction project, the experts at decking experts have you covered.

What is Ipe?

Ipe is a hardwood from South America known of its natural characteristics:

  • Durable
  • Density
  • Hardness

It is a strong material that is highly resistant to splinters, insects, water, and other damaging factors. The incredible weathering abilities and beauty make it a wise choice for various marine construction projects. Many say no other building materials can be as flawless as the Brazilian Ipe. Ipe is much heavier and harder to work with the pressure-treated wood.

Pre-drilling is required to prevent the hardwood from cracking and splitting, but because it is easy to maintain quality worth the extra time and effort on the initial installation.

Benefits of using Ipe

  • Super strength. Ipe is three times stronger than cedar wood with a bending strength of more than 22,000 psi, which makes it perfect for busy beach boardwalks and other crowded pedestrian areas. Thanks to its superior strength, the Ipe wood easily exceeds most code requirements for outdoor construction projects, both residential and commercial.
  • Slip and water resistant. For coastal construction projects, resistance from water is the top priority. Ipe hardwood offers superior water resistance than softwoods and other hardwoods, thanks to the extreme density. The wood’s tight grain and its natural oil keep the water out and prevent mold growth and rot. Yes, Ipe hardwood is naturally slip-resistant, which makes it a perfect material for outdoor projects, such as:
  • Piers
  • Decks
  • Docks
  • Boardwalks and other structures exposed to water
  • Long-lasting durability. It is not hard to see why the Ipe hardwood is compared to steel. It is not only incredibly tough and can withstand great pressure, but has an A rating from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). The same rating as the steel product as it is perfectly safe to use. Ipe lumber is naturally resistant to bugs and terminates, which makes it no match for this impenetrable lumber.

Without the chemical treatment, it naturally resists termite attacks for up to fifteen years in the ground, longer than other woods.

When you see how beautiful the pattern of Brazilian Ipe wood is, you will be amazed at how it is and added with its natural durability that makes it a perfect combo.