April 22, 2024

What You Can Find from the Tiles Online

The dark-colored tiles online are an interesting option for large bathrooms, resulting in a modern and intimate decor. Colored and patterned coverings are a fun and creative option, especially for children’s bathrooms.

In addition, it is important to have a harmony between the floor and the wall covering. A combination that always works and still adds to the ambience is a dark floor and light walls.

Choose Finishes

Coatings for indoor use can be:

  • Polished: smooth and glossy finish by polishing
  • Glossy: enamel finish
  • Satin: softer finish, with discreet shine
  • Matte: rougher and porous finish

To choose, take into account your home’s decorating style and also the bathroom’s lighting level. And remember that the smoother, the easier to clean; however, also more slippery.

The cutting of the pieces defines the type of grout that will be needed: it can be straight (rectified) or rounded (bold). The straight edge coating can be applied with a thinner grout (1.5 mm), but the rounded one needs a minimum of 3 mm spacing.

In addition, the color of the grout makes all the difference! The darker ones, like gray and black, help to highlight the light tiles and modernize the bathroom.

Pay Attention To Details

To add even more personality to the bathroom, you can make color combinations, mixing patterns, textures and even the sense of pagination (in the case of rectangular tiles). Choose a focal point, like the shower area, and exercise your creativity.

  • Another idea is to use a different coating just to compose the niche inside the box. The visual contrast is super elegant.
  • To further highlight the tiles, you can choose bespoke furniture in neutral colors and with mirror finishes. Another interesting option is to embed the lighting in cabinets and niches.

As we have seen, choosing bathroom tile is a key point in the planning of the renovation. Thus, it is essential that you know the main characteristics of the materials and know what works best for your project. Then, it is much easier to compare prices in different stores and make a great deal.

Currently we have numerous types of coverings available on the market, which gives us more options to choose from, but our attention is doubled when choosing one of them. The need for space, storage and to make the environment more functional, gives rise to the planned joinery, as well as kitchens increasingly integrated into the living room, or dining room, end up losing walls that would be used to cover.

Be sure to use kitchen tiles

It is important to have coating in wet areas such as a sink and in places such as a stove to protect the surface of the walls and facilitate cleaning. Tiles and ceramic pieces, such as porcelain, are the most popular and accessible, in neutral, light and discreet tones, with a resin finish and large pieces that improve the feeling of spaciousness and facilitate placement, both on the floor and on the walls.

Black kitchen tiles

Rectified finishing parts use less grout and prevent the accumulation of dirt, increasing the durability of the material. Reserve a splash of color for the space between the kitchen counter and cabinets.