July 21, 2024

Why is interior design important to bring the heavenly charm?

Besides intelligently planning and decorating each space, Kalluna Interior Design relies on some essential points when building an environment – aesthetics, comfort, functionality and practicality. In the construction of the ideal environment, some important artifices are necessary, such as the lighting project, the planning of colors, furniture, accessories and decorative objects in the environment.  

The house is our corner of the world. It is our first universe. In interior design, balance is as necessary as the execution of the project itself. More than beauty, the role of interior design is to make the charm exist not only physically, but also socially and psychologically in people’s daily lives, translating their personalities, their dreams and most importantly, their desire for comfort.

What does interior design involve?

The process for interior design goes far beyond decorating an environment. After all, what are the points that a professional in the area must deal with?


Every interior designer will work on a project layout. It is up to the professional to distribute all these items in order to organize the flows of space, create places of permanence and prioritize the space. This work starts from the floor plan of the property. To develop a good layout, the professional must pay attention to accessibility standards, fire escape routes and minimum dimensions for rooms. However, another trend is micro-apartments. These developments demonstrate that interior design standards do not have to be rigid. It is enough to understand the needs of the space. Besides, planning a layout is integral before considering the interior design of your HDB home in Singapore.


Although interior design is not just about furniture, it directly influences the quality of any project. The responsible professional must choose what favors the routine and the functioning of the space, always aiming to improve his relationship with the user. Another important point of observation is to ensure that the choices made by the designer do not detract from elementary items such as circulation. We talk about the increasing reduction of spaces, apartments are getting smaller and smaller, and attention to the choice of furniture is paramount. Therefore, it has become increasingly common for interior designers to choose to design bespoke items. 


When we talk about ergonomics for interior design, we are referring to the health and well-being that the environment can bring to users. The quality of space is essential. An environment with a lot of noise can increase the stress levels of residents and therefore, thinking about acoustic insulation during a renovation is very important. Comfort encompasses several spheres, such as the aesthetics of the environment, air circulation, accessibility and application of technologies and strategies to facilitate the user’s life. 

Materials and finishes

Although the choice of materials and finishes closely represent aesthetics, interior design involves analyzing their functionality, cost and composition. This is because it is very important to measure the effects that these materials can cause to the environment. The choice of materials must follow both the function for which the space is intended and the needs of users. Composition material deals with defining the resistance, flexibility and malleability of objects. The designer must analyze installation of the coverings.