July 21, 2024

3 Ways to Refresh the Look of Your Windows

If the eye is the window of the soul, is the window the eye of the home? Perhaps. Windows might seem like a minor element in a home, but they can really set the tone of the whole building. A few simple window updates can make your house look fresh, modern and put-together, even on a budget. Here are a few ideas to try.

Window Grilles

You might not be able to change the size or shape of your windows, but you can give them a charming new look with a pretty window grille. If your windows came with grilles already, but they’re looking a little warped or worn, consider purchasing replacement window grilles to freshen them up. If you’re starting with a plain window, a grille can be a fun decor element to try. The design possibilities are endless. Grilles can be stained to match your existing window colors, or painted a contrasting color for something a little different.

Window Treatments

Window treatments can change the mood of a room. Take into consideration each window’s size and shape, purposes of the window treatment and the general aesthetic you’re trying to establish. Simple blinds or shades may suit your needs, but something dressier like a drape, curtain or valance might look better in your space. As for colors, fabrics, textures and the like, the sky is the limit. A couple of features to consider as you make your choices are UV filtering capabilities (if needed) and transparency/opacity (for privacy or light blocking).

Window Boxes

Window boxes aren’t just for 1950s cookie cutter houses. Modern window boxes can take your window game to the next level. Keep it simple with minimalist boxes and clean lines, or go big with something ornately decorated. Look for a variety of blooms and greens to fill your boxes, keeping in mind your desired level of time investment for maintaining them. Be sure to factor in the amount of light the window receives throughout the day, and choose your plant varieties accordingly. Choose contrasting colors and textures for something really eye-catching, or keep things soft and subtle with a few similar plants. If you have the resources (and know-how), consider installing automatic drip irrigation to keep your display looking its best all season long.

With a little investment of time and energy, your windows can spruce up the look of your whole home, even for very little money. A new window look could be the key to bumping up your home’s curb appeal for this season and beyond.