April 14, 2024

If your basement gets damp then you might be in serious trouble. You will need expensive repairs. So, you should ensure that your basement is always dry. To avoid water damage restoration, what is the best way to keep a basement dry? Here we are going to discuss it.

Keep water away

You should regularly clean the gutter and downspouts as they keep water away from the foundation. When they get blocked due to debris, water may overflow on the sides causing the basement to get damp. There should be grading in your landscape for water to escape. During the rainy and winter season, water may fill up the landscape and it needs a way to get out; otherwise, it will start getting in the house and affecting the basement.

Waterproof walls and floors

You can use a waterproof sealant on the concrete so that water doesn’t get into the basement. These sealants form an outer membrane that prevents the water from getting in. However, if your basement already has cracks, then the sealant won’t be effective. You should find out some other ways to fix it.

Insulate cold water pipes

You should insulate the cold water pipes so that it doesn’t freeze during winter and also doesn’t sweat, does making the basement damp. During hot days, moisture will develop in the basement if you don’t insulate the pipes.

Fix the cracks

If you find any crack in your basement then you must fix it immediately. Water may seep in even through the tiniest crack. So, try to fix it yourself or call an expert to do the job.

Use a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can remove the air having more moisture so that the basement doesn’t get damp. You should buy a dehumidifier depending on the size of your basement. Portable dehumidifiers are also available.

It is important to keep your basement dry all the time. Water can ruin the foundation and it can affect the overall foundation of your house. So, you should take these steps to make sure that your basement is always dry. You should check your gutter and look for cracks especially before the summer, rainy, and winter seasons. If rainwater enters your house it will damage your basement and you might have to do extensive repair works. These repair works are expensive, so it’s better to take action before the problem occurs.