May 30, 2024

5 signs that your boiler’s on its way out

Are you in a confused state asking yourself: “How do I know if I need a new boiler?” Have you started to notice that your boiler is underperforming? Do you want to know the signs that your boiler is on its way out? Do not stress out; this write-up will provide you with the necessary information to put you on a red alert about your boiler.

Here are five signs that your boiler is on its way out. Get ready for a replacement.

1. Radiators’ Failure to Heat Up

One of the signs that your boiler is on its way out is that your boiler’s radiators either will not heat up or take an unusually more prolonged time to get hot. Your radiator should heat up as soon as you turn on the system. But if the appliance fails to give you hot water within its usual delivery time, get ready to replace it. Even if your appliance undergoes regular boiler service, boilers usually show this faulty sign when they near their ending.

2. Bad Smell

Boilers that are in a healthy and optimal condition do not emit any odour. However, when a boiler emits an odour, it should be investigated. You need to know if the odour or smell is carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. Check if the boiler’s flame is yellow or there is increased condensation inside the windows. You undoubtedly need an expert to help you in this situation. A bad smell is a sign that your boiler needs replacement.

3. Increase in Energy Bills

If your energy bills are increasing faster than usual, the chances are high that your boiler is responsible for the increase. This is due to the loss of efficiency and optimal performance. As a boiler gets older, its efficiency drops significantly if you ignore annual boiler service. It becomes more expensive to run your boiler with the tell-tale sign on your energy bills.

4. Strange Noises

A boiler will typically make a noise when turned on – but it is mostly a humming sound that lasts for only a few seconds. However, when your boiler begins to make loud, audible clunking, whirring or banging sounds, it is on its way out. Not even a boiler service can save it. Plan to replace it.

5. Frequent Repairs

When you almost always call in a technician to repair your boiler, it shows that the boiler is on its way out. Do not get it wrong, your boiler may need repairs once in a while, but when a technician has to visit your home like he stays next door, plan to replace the boiler.


The above points answer your question: “How do I know if I need a new boiler?” Plan to replace your boiler as soon as possible to safeguard your heart and wellness.