April 22, 2024

5 ways you can prevent basement flooding

Learning to prevent basement waterproofing requires investing money and time. It helps to defend your home and say goodbye to the flooding season. 

Here are five tips to prevent basement flooding:

  1. Install in your basement flood sensors

Water flood sensors helps in keeping your basement dry. You can also easily detect moisture and receive alert notifications. Throughout your basement place some sensors and they will inform you if basement waterproofing is required.

Placing the water flood sensors close to your water heater, sinks, toilets, or basement windows is helpful. On noticing, water accumulation, the sensors will notify you immediately. Thus, you can address the situation before it gets out of your hand.

  1. Maintain your gutters

Maintenance of gutter is essential to prevent basement flooding. Regularly, clean the gutters of your house and clear the leaves and debris buildup, allowing the water to flow freely. Clogging of gutters may result in water spilling over sides and increase basement flooding possibilities.

  1. Basement waterproofing

This is a surefire way of preventing basement flooding. Inspecting your home foundation to check for repair flaws and cracks is useful. You can call a professional promptly and get it repaired. Check windows for proper sealing or install new windows. It ensures reliable protection from moisture. It ensures water does not get into the basement through windows, if they are sealed properly. Assuring basement waterproofing is the best way of preventing basement flooding.

  1. Redirect the runoff of gutter

The downspouts should be at least three feet from your home foundation so that it can guide water. if with the current downspouts, it is difficult, you may get extensions to prevent water stagnating around your home. In this way, you can also prevent water seeping into the basement.

  1. Understand your sump pump

Sump pumps are one of the best systems to prevent flood. However, it is best only when it is properly functioning. Removing water using sump pumps from the basement or any other place and storing in a sump basin, helps. It prevents causing much damage.

If you have in the basement of your house a sump pump, ensure you know to use it at the right time. Also, ascertain it is in good working condition.

Note: There are ways to prevent basement flooding in your house. Yet, sometimes precautionary tips fail to work and preventing accidents becomes impossible. However, if you are living in a frequent flooding area, consider taking home flood insurance, so that the disaster stays covered.