July 21, 2024

6 Tips for Cleaning Your Conservatory


As most homeowners with a conservatory will tell you, it’s a favourite room in any home. These well-lit, airy spaces are both gorgeous and relaxing. So, is there a drawback to having one? Well, maybe one. They can be a challenge to keep clean so you may also want to hire a professional cleaning company like Just Clean Property Care to do the job for you. If you are based in Manchester, then you are in luck because they offer Manchester conservatory cleaning.

Luckily, a little strategy goes a long way! So lay down some old towels to protect your floor and follow these six simple tips to get your conservatory spotless in no time! 

Clean Your Frames First

To clean your interior and exterior framework, start by using an old rag or duster to wipe down any loose dirt. Next, get some hot water, soap, and a sponge to give your frames a thorough wiping down. 

Remember, soapy water will cause streaks on glass, so be sure to stick to the frame only. This is also the perfect time to give your window sills a good wipedown.

Cleaning the frame first will help prevent any grime from making its way onto your freshly cleaned windows. 

Work Your Way Down from the Top

As with cleaning any windows, it just makes sense to start at the top and work down. After all, drips run down, so cleaning the bottom first means that as you progress from the top, water and grime can trickle downward. 

Which will make a mess of all your hard work. 

By starting at the top, you make sure your clean areas stay clean. Plus, working from the top means as you clean, water can sluice down to loosen the dirt below. Talk about saving time and effort!

Don’t Forget Your Eavestroughs

Since you’re at the top working down, it’s a perfect time to clean your eavestroughs. While most eavestroughs don’t need a lot of maintenance, it is wise to clean them out a couple of times a year. 


Eavestroughs tend to collect leaves and other debris that can block them. When blocked, water can’t drain the way it’s supposed to, which can lead to property damage. 

Think you have a blockage? Call a professional in to clear it as soon as you’re able.  

Clean Inside Too

When most people think of cleaning their conservatory, they think of cleaning outside. But inside is important too. 


If not kept clean, conservatories can be a breeding ground for mildew and mould. They’re often moist, and if not well ventilated, contaminants will thrive. 

Make sure to give your interior a proper cleaning to avoid any issues.

Windowpanes: Inside and Out

As with the rest of your conservatory, clean your inside and outside windowpanes. 

Which should you do first?

If the weather is nice, working on the outside first can help you see any streaks or grime on the inside. 

Invest in the Right Equipment

To do a great job, you need great equipment, so a small investment may be in order. 

What should you buy?

An extendable brush or cloth is a great tool for cleaning up high; just give things a wipe and spray with a hose! This makes it easy to clean without a ladder.

For very stubborn dirt, a strong window cleaner may also help, along with a bucket and sponge, some soap, and cloths.

A Word of Caution: Should you decide to forgo the extendable brush and use a ladder, never stand on the roof! The roof of a conservatory can be quite fragile and may buckle under your weight.

One Final Tip

And there you have it, the best tips to make cleaning your conservatory easy. After all, it is quite a big job, which brings us to our last tip. 

Clean your conservatory by scheduling small, regular tasks to keep dirt from building up. With only a few minutes of regular cleaning per week, you’ll prevent grimy buildup. Which means your conservatory will just stay clean, and you can’t beat that!