July 25, 2024

A Guide to Designing a Kid’s Room 

We all remember how it feels to get your own room for the first time. Having a space where you can recharge or work without anyone bothering you feels excellent. Having privacy and space to be away from people is sometimes necessary, too. Young children deserve to have that kind of safe space, and one way you, as a parent, can cultivate that is by designing their first room in a way that makes it comfortable and welcoming.

Here’s a quick guide to decorating your child’s room using a single bed from Singapore and more.

Creating a Dedicated Study Area

Studies have shown that having a dedicated workplace separate from your bed is better for productivity. In an age where digital learning and working from home are prevalent, your child might want to stay in bed while they attend a video call class. However, getting a study desk in Singapore for your child will be much better for their productivity and performance in the long run.

But beds are comfortable, and you might need help convincing your child to use their study table from Singapore instead. Here are a few ways to make your child’s study area more enticing:

  • Set it up in front of a window for some natural light. Natural light helps with focus and is easier on the eyes.
  • Draw their attention with colours. Consider buying a study desk from Singapore painted with their favourite colour rather than plain white.
  • Add floating shelves on the walls. Not only is this great for organisational purposes, but they can also put whatever they want on the shelves to personalise the area, such as action figures.
  • Remember to add a comfortable chair alongside the study table from Singapore. They might opt to work in bed if the chair is uncomfortable.
  • Put organisers on top of the table that they can use for school supplies like pens, pencils, scissors, paper, notebooks, etc.

Choosing the Right Bed

The study desk was needed, but a good single bed from Singapore is essential for any bedroom. Making sure your child is comfortable on their bed will grant them better sleep, leading to better concentration in their waking hours. Good sleep can even affect their grades.

If you’re struggling with a lack of space, you can opt for a loft bed with a desk underneath it. A loft bed can still separate the work/study area from the bed, but it only takes up half the floor space instead of having a separate table and bed. Plus, a loft bed is exciting for many children because of how high they’d be. Make sure to buy a loft bed with guard rails to prevent your child from falling off.

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