April 21, 2024

A comfortable bed is something that comes to your mind when you think of sound sleep. After a day’s tedious work, when you spread yourself on your bed, you expect the utmost comfort. However, beds are not only meant for relaxing, in today’s world, beds are also considered as a space to store belongings. 

The furniture world is concentrating on the concept of utility furniture these days, which allows more space for arranging your belongings within a short space. The platform beds are emerging as a new choice replacing the old order of spring box beds. Here are some of the vital aspects that make platform beds a better alternative to box springs


As far as the overall look of the bedroom is concerned, platform beds offer a precise and smart appearance that best fits the modern interior specifications. If you are living in an apartment, flat, or a house with a contemporary interior theme, platform beds will be perfect for you as these do not require the bed skirts and thus look sleek and streamlined. 

Hence, for an enhanced look, give your bedroom the advantage of platform beds that look urban and are of more utility. 


If you are planning with a slender budget, the best would be to opt for platform beds. This variety of beds offers a precise arrangement to accommodate the mattresses minus any hassle. 

Also, you do not have to keep the springs aligned to hold the mattress steadily. The platform beds come equipped with a flat platform or a slatted platform that remains closely set to the bed and helps in keeping the mattress at the place. 

Hence you get rid of the uncomfortable springs and have to bear less cost than a spring bed. 


When you use platforms as a bed frame, you switch to the modern setting of bed designs. Also, the slat or flat platform bed frames can hold the mattress properly without the help of springs or any other alignments, which make the entire setting less complicated. 

The combination of box and springs used to enhance the height of the bed, which seemed uncomfortable to many. But, with the flat platform  bed frames, the height of the bed is not enhanced unduly. 


A firm and the supportive sleeping surface is what everyone looks for. If you are choosing the flat platform bed for your bedroom, you will enjoy the same every day. Unlike the spring beds, flat platform beds offer seamless stability no matter how you take turns while sleeping. It is also recommended for those who suffer from back pains. 


If you are looking for more space to accommodate your belongings under the bed, many flat platform beds come with drawers that offer ample space to keep things arranged. These boxes are easy to open and close and can be effective for keeping your belongings safe. 

Choose from the multiple platform bed types that are available in the market and make sure the best utility at reasonable rates.