July 21, 2024

Smartest Solutions for the Upholstery Service

Once you’ve made your decision, the obvious question is which office equipment to choose to keep the business running smoothly. Frankel, a French specialist in office furniture, highlights here the respective importance of each piece of equipment. Indeed, the complete equipment is not limited to only office chairs and tables (37% of the professional furniture market), since it is also a question of accessories and consumables:

  • broadband Internet connection equipment
  • desktop and laptop computer
  • suitable lighting
  • paper shredder
  • printer
  • wardrobe
  • file and application sharing server
  • continuous supply via UPS

Office supplies

How to choose your office furniture supplier?

Whether it is a new business or replacement of existing furniture, choosing the office equipment supplier is an important decision that can influence the proper organization of your business. Consider the following factors when looking for an office equipment supplier. Other than that you can also go for the diy upholstery supplies now.

Flexible supplier service

Some suppliers choose to specialize in a few types of equipment, while others want to be more general by offering a wide range of materials. Find a supplier who has the equipment you need right now, as well as other products your business may need in the future as it grows.

Flexible supplier service

In each category of equipment, does your supplier offer how many references? This may seem trivial at the moment, but if your supplier only offers small machines, it could be complicated when you need more sophisticated equipment.

User safety

The safety of your employees takes precedence over all the other criteria for choosing your supplier. He must therefore be conscientious enough not to provide you with a sharp angle desk or an unstable office chair. Do this for the choice of all your office equipment to constantly ensure the safety of your employees.

The tariff formula

What is the price ranges of the products offered? This is an important question especially for companies that are just starting out. But before you tax a supplier for “more expensive” or “cheap”, see what it offers in terms of financing, warranty or service contracts (maintenance and upkeep).

Equipment delivery time

While it is not always better to wait until the last minute to find your supplier, be aware that some sellers can react quickly if necessary. Do not hesitate to inquire about the delivery time and related services. Does your supplier ensure that the equipment is configured to function properly? Does it offer employee training or online help? And how will he make arrangements in the event of a machine malfunction?

The quality and durability of the material

These are probably the only reasons why price is not a deciding factor in choosing office equipment. Indeed, getting it from a cheap seller is not always recommended, especially since you risk buying old or less durable equipment. And you are well aware that faulty equipment can lead to further loss of time, repair and maintenance costs.

Material warranty

Purchasing office equipment is not a trivial process, since it is equivalent to investing in your organization. So you need to determine how much you will protect your business in the event of a hardware malfunction. Equipment warranties are essential to ensure that new equipment is not an unnecessary expense.