June 14, 2024

Artificial grass: why it’s perfect for Queensland homes

Artificial grass why it’s perfect for Queensland homes

Queensland is Australia’s lushest state. We’re sorry to the subtropical south and our toasty northern neighbours, but there is something so joyful about Queensland’s vibrant tropical splendour that simply makes it unparalleled for natural beauty!

This also means our home gardens can have some pretty stunning outcomes, with shaded verandas giving way to gorgeous plumes bottlebrush, orange jasmine, water hyacinths and more vivacious beauties. The pool is ready and the barbie is hot, and the good times are ready to roll in the Queensland sunshine.

Another thing that truly invigorates our homes is a stretch of synthetic lawn. Bright, bold and completely vibrant, synthetic lawns are a joy to behold in the Queensland garden, especially as their lively hues blend so happily into the rich colours completing the garden.

So, if you’ve been considering stunning astro turf for your home, here are a few reasons why it’s absolutely perfect for our state by the sea:

It’s drought-resistant

Queensland, of course, is a state that is no stranger to intense drought. Unfortunately, when this happens, our lawns suffer greatly. With water restrictions in place it can be difficult to maintain the lawn, but astro turf is the perfect solution for this.

Astro turf, being a synthetic product, is completely drought-resistant, and will maintain its beautiful bright green hue even if your council is hit with water restrictions. In fact, the only time you need to water a synthetic lawn is when you’re washing away any dirt, debris or leaves, making it a drought-resistant solution that also helps you save water.

It doesn’t need mowing

Mowing the lawn on a harsh Queensland day can be really nasty. Oh! The sweat! Oh, the unpleasantness! Knowing that you could be chilling right over there, having a beer on the veranda or swimming around the pool whilst you toil away with that dodgy old mower is a real nuisance, but luckily synthetic grass has arrived to help you say goodbye to those days of suffering through a Saturday arvo mowing sesh. This will give you plenty more time to yourself, and especially so if you have a large lawn area!

It’s storm-resistant

We also see some nasty storms, and they can wreak absolute havoc on our gardens, and especially our lawns. The post-storm cleanup can be a really unpleasant experience for Queensland homeowners, and for this reason it never hurts to install a solution that is easy-to-clean and not so susceptible to the ravages of a gnarly summer storm.

Enter synthetic grass and its easy-clean, storm-resistant goodness. Produced with the finest materials, you can trust that these solutions can withstand nasty storms and be easy to fix once the thing has finally passed over.

They are fun for sports

We Queenslanders love our sports. Whether it’s cricket, golf or rugby, you can be sure we love getting out in the garden and playing sports with family and friends.

Synthetic grass is perfect for converting into a backyard putting green or mini rugby pitch, creating the perfect home arena for some classic Aussie fun in the sun!

It just looks fantastic

It’s bold, it’s beautiful and it’s super vibrant. Synthetic grass is the perfect solution for Queenslanders looking to invigorate their gardens in an easy-maintainable way, and they make for the perfect place to play home sports.

It’s for these reasons why they are perfect for Queensland homes, and perhaps yours, too!