May 30, 2024

AZ Water Solutions: Use Carbon Filtration Systems to Get Rid of Contaminants and Boost Peace of Mind

The last century has seen a dramatic technological revolution in our civilization, which has had a profound impact on many aspects of daily life, including the production of food and water.

People ate nearly solely organic and natural foods prior to significant advances in biology and chemistry, so the concept of putting chemicals in our food and water would have appeared alien. But today, we use a lot of harmful chemical-based methods to produce food and clean drinking water in large quantities.

Although regulatory agencies keep an eye on the concentrations of these poisons in our food and water to make sure they don’t go above what is deemed “safe,” we are just now starting to learn how these compounds can have harmful impacts on our health even in trace amounts.

For instance, did you know that the maximum allowable amount of pesticides in our drinking water is mandated?

In actuality, there shouldn’t be any amount of pesticides used in our water sources; the issue is that local governments would find it very costly and ineffective to remove these kinds of contaminants from our water.

For this reason, it’s critical that every homeowner take personal responsibility for making sure their tap water is pure and suitable for bathing, cleaning, and drinking.

The advantages of AZ Water Solutions’ whole-house carbon filtration systems and their function in purging impurities from your home’s tap water will be covered in this article.

Carbon Filtration Systems for the Entire Home by AZ Water Solutions

At AZ Water Solutions, we understand how crucial water filtration is to enhancing the security and well-being of property owners and their families. Common contaminants like chlorine, sedimentation, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and more can be eliminated from your water by installing a whole-house carbon filtering system.

How Do Systems for Whole-House Carbon Filtration Operate?

Many people used to choose to install filters on just one faucet in their house, usually the one in the kitchen. To provide clean and safe water for every water outlet in the house, homeowners can install a filtering stage to the whole water supply of their home with an increasingly popular option. Installed adjacent to the primary shut-off valve of the house, AZ Water Solutions‘ whole-house carbon filtration systems ensure that the water is cleaned and filtered before it enters the sink, shower, washing machine, toilet, and other fixtures.

Adsorption is the process by which pollutants and toxins in water stick to the surface of an activated carbon filter, which is how these carbon filtration systems function. Water frequently travels through a pre-filter phase before entering the carbon filtration system. By removing bigger particles and sediments from the water, this stage contributes to the carbon filter’s longer lifespan by avoiding clogs.

Following the pre-filtration phase, an activated carbon filter is used to filter the water. Activated carbon is a highly absorbent substance that has been processed to increase its surface area and porosity. Contaminants come into contact with the carbon as water passes through the filter; the porous structure of the carbon captures and retains the contaminants.

Whole-House Carbon Filtration Systems Eliminate What?

A wide range of pollutants that are frequently present in municipal water supplies can be effectively removed with AZ Water Solutions’ whole-house carbon filtering systems. These may consist of:

  • Chlorine: In water treatment plants, chlorine is a byproduct of the purifying process. The flavor and smell of the water are improved by the efficient removal of chlorine and its byproducts with activated carbon.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs): VOCs from pesticides, solvents, and other sources can also be eliminated by activated carbon filters.
  • Particles and sediment: Larger particles, such sand and silt, are frequently present in municipal water systems as pollutants. The activated carbon filter will remove smaller particles that pass through the pre-filtration stage, whereas the pre-filtration stage eliminates larger pieces of silt.
  • Chemicals: As we’ve already discussed, a wide range of chemicals, including pesticides and herbicides, are permitted in municipal water systems. These kinds of contaminants can be effectively removed from drinking water by activated carbon filters, creating clean, safe water.

How Can a Whole-House Carbon Filtration System Be Installed?

Although installing a whole-house carbon filtration system is not too difficult, it is crucial to comprehend how these systems operate in order to do the installation correctly.

Here is a general rundown of the steps involved in having your whole-house carbon filtration system installed by AZ Water Solutions:

  • To install, turn off the main water valve.
  • Select a place where your carbon filtering system will have adequate room.
  • In order to install the proper attachments, cut the water line.
  • To keep your water running when your carbon filtration system is not in use, install bypass valves.
  • A sediment filter’s filter housing should be connected.
  • After your sediment filter, connect the carbon filtration system downstream.
  • Reconnect your carbon filter system’s output to your main water line.
  • Run water through the system for at least 20 minutes to flush it.

Utilize AZ Water Solutions to Upgrade the Water Supply in Your House

Scottsdale, Arizona’s AZ Water Solutions is a reputable and skilled provider of water treatment services. For homeowners in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, AZ Water Solutions offers and installs state-of-the-art water treatment systems.

We are experts in reverse osmosis purification systems, water softeners, water heaters, and hot water recirculation pumps in addition to whole-house carbon filtration systems.

To contact AZ Water Solutions and request clean and safe water for your whole house, click this link!