April 14, 2024

It’s hard to bear summers in some parts of Australia. The temperature is high, it is sweating all around, and there is simply no respite from the scorching heat. The little respite that you can expect is from the ceiling fan that circulates the room air, allowing your sweat to cool down and give you a pleasant feeling.

Times have changed in a span of a few years. The technology has witnessed a sea change, with fans getting new shapes and designs, getting lighter, and above all much prettier than ever before. There are ceiling fans that have inverter technology, there are ones that have lights fitted, and there are ones that have inbuilt google or Alexa to operate.

So many brands and companies have come up with so many innovative technologies that it has created a number of choices for consumers. Today, you can choose a fan in a color of your choice, the size of your choice, the looks of your choice, and above all in the price band of your choice.

All these choices have become possible due to the presence of online shopping sites. These sites have contributed a lot to the development and sales of various types of fans. Some people prefer buying their ceiling fans from brick-and-mortar stores, but many have shifted to buy ceiling fans online.

Hereunder are the reasons for the huge conversion rate:

Availability of a wide number of designs:

Offline stores have to maintain their stock in a limited area of operations, while online stores like Fan City can afford to just click photos and upload them on a shopping website. They can ship the ceiling fan from their warehouse and earn their profits.

Since they do not necessarily have to maintain a showroom to do their business, they can afford to stock a wide variety of ceiling fans in different sizes and designs to attract customers.

Prices are competitive:

When you buy ceiling fans online, you will find that prices are very competitive and much lesser than the ones available in stores. This is possible because online stores like Fans City do not have overhead expenses like huge salaries of salesmen to pay.

Also, since they buy huge stocks from companies, they get huge discounts that they pass on to their customers. Also, since there are a number of players operating on online shopping sites for the same products, they have to keep nominal margins as profit, while ceding much of it to price cuts for their customers.

Fast home deliveries:

While buying a ceiling fan from a store can give you the satisfaction of having seen the item before paying for it, buying ceiling fans online can get you express home deliveries to compensate. The fan that you purchase is delivered to the courier the same day or maximum the next day, making your product available to you in the shortest possible time.

Payment is safe and secured:

The payments made to online stores like Fans City are completely safe and secured. Once you have paid the amount, they will confirm you through SMS making you comfortable and secure.

So, if you are looking for a ceiling fan, buy ceiling fans online because it will not only offer better designs, technology, and price, but it will ensure that your product reaches you in perfectly good condition.