July 21, 2024

Capped Decking- 1,100 3.78 Liters Milk Jugs and 3,000 Recycled Plastic Shopping Bags

Capped decks look very similar to that of wood decks but need very low maintenance. Capped composite decks are composite decks with a durable polymer protective shell. Many varieties of quality and price are available in the market, so need some research to find the suitable one. The polymer protective shell prevents mold and mildew chewing up the cellulose component of the deck. A thick hard shell makes it more resistant to abuse, which mostly comes with a warranty period of 10 years against warping, swelling, fading and stains.

Types of capped decking

Most companies offer two or more models of capped decking. The lower segment offers single color boards, though you can choose 4 to 5 different colors.id segment offers two or three colors which look more like wood. The pinnacle one has stylish textures using multiple colors. They are extremely eco-friendly as made from recycled materials. The average ratio of plastic to wood is 50:50. Composite decks are weather resistant and can stand extreme conditions. Composite decking does not only make your living standard better but also add value to your home. You can easily get back the cost of composite decking if you decide to sell your house. You may even get a high return of 62.8% on your investment on composite decking.


There is a wide variety of colors and design of composite decking from where you can choose the most suitable one. These are similar to the exotic view of hardwood and lumber; you can appreciate the look of wood without the up keeping. You can also find various deck accessories including railings, handrails, gates, post caps and deck lighting that are designed to complement each other and give your outer space an attractive look. Each composite board has the same color and same texture, giving it a striking uniformity. It does not fade even I exposed to direct sunlight to light grey like unstained wood decks.

The modern composite decks offer a more comfortable walking experience. The UV inhibitors make it more resistant to fading. Modern technology, innovation made the composite decks tougher than they used to be then the used to be. If you are concerned about the environment, then composite decking is a great alternative. They are made of recycled plastics and wood fibre, which would end up in landfilling, polluting the environment. It is interesting to note every 10 square foot of composite decking contains 1,100 3.78 litres milk jugs and 3,000 recycled plastic shopping bags.