May 30, 2024

Characteristics That Make Porcelain Tiles A Popular Home Decor Option

There are many tiling options that can enhance the interiors and outdoors of a house in visually stunning ways. The most popular looks are those of marble, natural stone, and wood. But, not everyone can afford these expensive options. So, does it mean you have to adjust to something that you don’t even like? Well, actually, no! You can instead settle with porcelain ceramic tiles. Why? Well, the reasons are many, but the most noteworthy ones are listed below.

  1. They Offer Variety

Don’t have the money to invest in real marble and wood? Well, worry not. Porcelain tiles mimic the finish, texture, and color of all the expensive options to perfection. Some of the best Carreaux Metro ceramic tiles collections are listed below.

  • Collections For Marble Finish

You cancount on Calacatta collection, Ibel collection, Mayfair Polis collection, and Rialto collection for exceptional authentic marble finish.

  • Collections For Wooden Finish

The best collections that offer realistic wooden finish include Myspace ESP collection, Chamarel collection, and Chalet collection.

  • Other Popular Collections
  1. Alp stone for a contemporary look.
  2. Benton Polido for an urban look.
  3. Buxy for a 3D look.
  4. Le Leghe for a metallic finish.
  5. Evoque for giving rooms a larger and brighter appearance.
  1. They Are Durable

Durability, strength, and reliability are the 3 pillars of porcelain tiles. The reasons for such attributes are listed below.

  • Since porcelain tiles are dense, they do not break easily. Hence, they aren’t fragile.
  • They have a long life of 5-7 years. When cleaned properly, they do not catch stains. Thus, they don’t lose their sheen and texture so easily.
  • They are water and moisture-resistant. It adds to their strength and makes them a good option for damp areas like bathrooms and swimming pools.
  1. They Are Inexpensive

Porcelain tiles end up saving your money in a lot of ways. The most significant ones are listed below.

  • All they need is mopping. Their surface needs no special treatment or an expensive solution to remove dirt. You can use your regular floor cleaners.
  • They are easy to install as well. Besides, replacing individual tiles instead of the redoing the entire structure is possible.
  1. They Are Easy To Maintain

Porcelain tiles don’t stain so easily. You should wipe them with a wet cloth as soon as you spill a liquid or something. That’s all it takes to ensure that these tiles don’t catch any color.

On a closing note, there’s no better option than porcelain tiles if you have a limited budget.