April 14, 2024

Choosing the Right Art Piece for Your Space

When it comes to decorating spaces, one of the most common challenges is picking the right artwork. The art market has a lot to offer in terms of themes genres, types, and sizes. This can make the selection process a bit confusing for most people.

Art helps to give your space a personality that reflects your taste and preference. You can choose to use various pieces together or simply go for one elaborate piece. The good thing about art is that it is a timeless investment and sometimes can appreciate with time.

Here is how to choose the perfect art piece for your space.

Choosing art by size

When choosing your Copenhagen posters art pieces, you must be very particular about the size of your ideal artwork. Having a size in mind makes the whole selection process easier.

Measure the size of the space you want your artwork to be placed to ensure you get the right art. Sizes range from oversize measuring at least 100cm and above, large sizes measuring between 80 and 100cm in length, medium pieces measuring 60 to 70cm, small sizes measuring 45 to 59cm and mini art pieces measuring 25 to 44cm.

Different sizes will have a different effect on the space you want to decorate. Oversize art pieces act as a focal point of your room or wall.  Large pieces can be used as centrepieces or can be balanced on the sides using mini or small art pieces. Medium art pieces can be used as standalone pieces, but they go best when grouped with others.

Choosing art by style

Choosing the most ideal art piece for your space based on style is the most natural way of selection. Choosing the style of your art piece is personal. Examples of styles to go for include bohemian look, antique pieces, and choice based on boldness or form.

When selecting art by style, you need to consider other factors that affect the feel of your space. Your art piece should complement the room’s furniture and other decorative articles in the space.

Ensure you at least invest in one oversized art piece that you will like having for years to come. If your room has short walls, consider investing in mini or small pieces.

Make use of art frames as they help to emphasize on your preferred style. You can go for matching and mismatching ones to give the room an edgy look.

Choosing art by colour

When it comes to decorating, there is a huge difference between art colour pallets and room colour pallets. Art gives you more allowance to use bold colours or bright colour schemes.

When selecting colours for your art pieces, go for pieces that are already present in the room. Sticking to one theme will give your space a sophisticated, modern and cohesive feel.

The background colour of your most significant art piece in the room should match your walls. For the other art pieces, go for the same colour but in different shades. When in doubt, stick to black and white.

You can use mirrors to reflect art and make your room look bigger and more decorated. Ensure you reference the colour wheel when choosing matching shades.

Choosing art based on inspiration pieces

In the same way you design a room based on a theme, choosing your art pieces based on inspiration pieces can drive your purchasing decision. The inspiration piece for your art can be another art piece, s trinket or a sofa in your space.

With your inspiration piece in mind, you can choose your art piece. This inspiration piece should help to decide on the colour scheme of the room.

Your artwork should follow the colour scheme of your room. You can combine geometrics, patterns, and solids to come up with the most ideal art piece.

Ensure your room has a touch of white. Covering your room in colour will deprive it of the break it needs to accentuate the design.


Choosing art pieces can seem like a daunting task. The trick is taking your time to determine what works best for your space before going to shop for the pieces. With the details in mind, you are sure to get exactly what you need to decorate your space.