June 14, 2024

Common Roof Problems Seen in Summer


Summertime has been associated with fun and leisure as families go out of their homes and head to the beach to soak up some summer sun. While homeowners are enjoying bright days and warm temperatures, their homes also absorb heat for most of the summer season, and the roof is the most exposed structure as it directly faces the sun.

Homeowners usually prepare extensively for heavy rains and snow. When summer arrives, they are often likely to relax as these harsh weather conditions won’t be bothering their homes for a while. However, it is not enough to weather-proof the roof against strong winds, rain, or snow.

Roofs must be reinforced to withstand heat and humidity as well. These two elements are equally brutal to roofing as they bring about wear and tear. Excessive moisture from humidity can weaken the roof, shorten its lifespan, and create environments where algae can thrive.

Exposure to the sun not only means exposure to heat but also to ultraviolet radiation. UV rays can wear down roofing materials like the protective layer of shingles, making them brittle and prone to crumbling. Without proper protection from the sun, building materials can warp, bleach, or deteriorate over time.

Air pollution also is higher during summer months, and exposure to pollutants can damage roofs as well. Miniscule particles and chemicals present in the air can wear down construction materials.

A roof inspection is advised bi-annually during spring and fall as they come prior to the two extreme seasons of the year – spring comes before summer, which is the hottest, and fall comes before winter, which is the coldest.

Before going on summer adventures, homeowners must ensure their roofs have enough protection to withstand the shining sun. When this season draws near, remember these common roof problems seen in summer.