April 21, 2024

Dimmer Light Installation By An Oc Electrician

Installing a dimmer switch is not for the average beginner for safety reasons, but in addition for a professional electrician, it is possible fast. If you’re prepared to roll-your sleeves creating a start yourself, these records gives you simple tutorials on installing a dimmer light switch in your own home today.

The Initial Step – Safety First

In the event you begin a project, the initial priority should almost always be safety. When installing a dimmer switch you have to switch off the ability however circuit breaker or fuse box. Its also wise to place some tape within the circuit breaker change to mark the switch shouldn’t be began up. Just before beginning to get rid of that old light switch, ensure the sun’s sun rays switch by turning it on and off to make certain it’s safe to proceed.

Next Step – Replacing the Switch

Having a screwdriver, eliminate the screws that have the old light switch faceplate. Once the faceplate remains removed test the alteration to insure the volt meter signifies no live electricity. Eliminate the 2 screws that have the lamp in position and pull it a couple of inches for room to actually result in the change. Eliminate the wires within the rear in the sunshine switch with needle nose pliers to do this task.

Third – Making the Connections

When installing a totally new dimmer switch that merely has two black wires, it doesn’t matter which black wire is attached to the dimmer switch wires. After these wires are really connected, convey a wire nut across the leads to the uncovered ends. For more protection, wrap electrical tape over the wire nut. The dimmer switch includes a eco-friendly wire or “ground wire” that ought to connect the white-colored-colored-colored ground wire within the wall for that eco-friendly wire round the dimmer switch. Convey a wire nut on these and many electrical tape.

Lastly, push the recently installed dimmer switch to the electrical box, screw the skin plate for that wall and switch the ability on. Your brand-new dimmer switch has the ability to use.