June 14, 2024

Easy Solutions for the Conservatory Construction

In this article, we’ll talk about design solutions, how a conservatory might look like, and what determines its appearance.

Vale garden houses

Extension to a house or a separate building

It is more profitable to place a conservatory in built-in or annexed premises. They are cheaper to maintain, and also serve as a link between the house and the surrounding landscape. The house will have fewer annoying insects, and sudden natural disasters will primarily affect the extension, not the house.

  1. If you decide to attach

The most budgetary option is a corner garden between the two main walls of the house. However, make sure that there is enough space for growing plants in this space. The minimum area of ​​an extension for a conservatory should be at least 15 square meters, the depth – at least 3 m, and the height in the middle part – at least 2.7 m. Modern technologies make it possible to erect such a structure in a relatively short time.

Fact: It is not at all necessary to place a conservatory on the first floor of the house. It can successfully exist in a wide gallery on the second floor, above a garage, on a rooftop, or in an atrium. The conservatory is often combined with a swimming pool. Make a visit to https://www.swishhome-improvements.co.uk/conservatories-darlington/ to understand how the professionals do this task.

  1. If you want a separate

Construction of a detached conservatory is justified in several cases:

  • If the territory of the country house is large enough.
  • If during the landscape design of the site there is a scenario when the conservatory becomes, for example, the center of the recreation area.
  • If there are unique viewpoints on the site that are conducive to long-term contemplation.

Important: The main condition for the construction of a separate building for a conservatory is the possibility of bringing communications to it necessary for heating, water supply and sewerage.

Architectural styles of the winter garden

When choosing the style of the winter garden, focus on the architecture of the house and the design of the site as a whole. As a basis for choosing a project, you can use the basic options for constructing winter gardens, of which, by and large, there are only three: Georgian, Victorian and Mediterranean. You can also have soundproofing walls.

Georgian Garden

It is the laconic form, most often rectangular in plan. And on a modest area, you can organize such a conservatory (even with a swimming pool), and then rationally use every centimeter of it.

Vale garden houses

The roof of a building or annex can be gable, three-pitched or four-pitched in combination with a multi-beam. This will make it possible to create a conservatory structure that is as consonant as possible with the general architectural appearance of the building.

Victorian Gardens

They are distinguished by complex multi-beam bay window designs with three or five sides. The multi-pitched roof and a variety of design solutions for the facades make it possible to effectively decorate a house not only with a classic, but also with a modern architectural look.