May 30, 2024

Essential Balances in the Best Cabinet Choices Now

The measurements of each furniture should be defined according to the available area in the kitchen. The volume of things that need to be kept must also be taken into consideration.

There are some “standard” measures that make layout planning easier. The drawers under the sink average 60 cm deep and 95 cm high. It is recommended that this furniture does not reach the floor, as this can make cleaning the kitchen difficult.

Air cabinets do not always have to go to the ceiling, especially when the residents of the house are not so tall. As for the size of the modules, the largest are 70 cm high and the smallest 40 cm. Depth also has a standard measurement of 35 cm. The distance between the sink and the overhead cabinet should be 60 cm to 70 cm. With the best cabinet planer you can have the best choices now.

Consider the colors

To favor the feeling of spaciousness, it is recommended to include a white cabinet in the decoration. The paint on the walls should also be clear. However, there are other kitchen cabinet colors that are on the rise and deserve to be considered, such as deep green, navy blue, gray, yellow and black and white.

The colorful furniture makes the kitchen look more fun, while the wooden furniture plays the role of leaving the atmosphere with a rustic and warm air.

Choose a material compatible with the need

Kitchen cabinets are usually made of two types of materials: wood and stainless steel. The first option has the advantage of being durable and allowing various forms of finishing, however, it cannot always adapt to a humid environment.

Stainless steel leaves the decor with a more contemporary feel, and offers resistance to the busy kitchen routine. Anyone looking for quality when decorating the kitchen should disregard the purchase of a laminate cabinet.

Aim in a style

The cabinet chosen to decorate the kitchen needs to be compatible with the style of decoration. For example, if the intention is to create a functional and modern environment, then furniture with many sculpted details is not recommended. In contrast, a renovated antique cabinet looks good in a kitchen with rustic décor.

Prioritize the organization

The cabinet structure should be able to organize the kitchen. It is essential that the furniture has well-defined divisions, such as shelves, drawers, drawers and door niches.

The best kitchen cabinet designs are those with cabinets with doors or drawers, drawers and overhead modules. Here’s what to keep in each cabinet part:

Deeper depth drawers: These are for storing platters, pans and shapes. They are also useful for setting up a food pantry.

Drawers: Suitable for storing cutlery, tea towels and placemats. To make life easier in the kitchen, they should be positioned near the stove.

Overhead cabinets: Suitable for storing plates, cups, cups and other dishes that need to be always at hand. At the top, you can put the least used utensils and some decorative objects (but only if the furniture does not go to the ceiling).