April 14, 2024

How to Make Moving Less Stressful for a Family

Moving is stressful when it is just you and your belongings. If you then have children to deal with in there too, then things can get harder. It is important to consider how hard the process is for the children, having to leave their old lives, school and friends, and then the process of having to adjust to the new neighbourhood. One way parents can keep the stress down is by looking at professional removal companies, Perth or local to you. But here is a look at what else you can do to make it easier on them and you.

Plan the packing

Decide which rooms you will pack first and try to avoid your children’s favourite belongings until closer to the deadline so they do not get upset early on. Let them put aside some things till the last minute so things like favourite blankets, an especially important toy, stay with them.

Organise the traveling early

If you are moving far and there is some travel to be done organise that early on, knowing where you will be driving, book the flights, book hotels and so on.

Get services arranged in the new home

Have the phone, cable, internet and all of that turned on and ready at the new home so the kids, and you, can relax, watch favourite shows, video chat with old friends and so on.

Give everyone assignments

If you are keeping the children around on moving day give everyone assignments so they are not getting in the way of your removal companies Perth or you, and they feel helpful and involved.

Have someone take the kids and pets for moving day

Alternatively to avoid the kids and pets getting in the way you might want to have a babysitter take the children, and put the animals into boarding for the day, or have them looked after by a friend too. This helps to lessen the emotional aspect of seeing their beloved furniture being removed from their rooms by removal companies Perth.

Keep important documents in a folder with you

Birth certificates, dental and medical records, passports, school records and so on should be kept in a folder on you so you know where they are.

Have the children ready for the new home with some necessities

Have them pack a suitcase of things they need for the first few days in the new home, like a towel, toilet paper, shampoo, clothes, pj’s, and so on. Then pack a bag or box with entertainment things they will need in the first few days. Some books, toys, and so on. If you are going to be traveling far to get to the new home, turn that box into a bag that has entertainment items, snacks, drinks, a change of clothes and such.

Have a plan for the first few days in the new home

Be ready for living in the new home, sleeping bags, pillows, throw away utensils and plates. If you are not using removal companies Perth that offer unpacking services, try not to spend all the time on that. Take the kids out to the new local park, get away from it for a short period. You could even have a fun delivery arrive for them, or have a trampoline set up in the new garden for them.