April 20, 2024

Finer Choices for Home Insurance Now


It is important not to confuse the risk resulting from the damage caused to third parties deriving from the ownership of the building (tile falling from the roof) with the risks deriving from the conduction of the apartment (vase of flowers falling from the balcony) and those in general that depend on facts occurred in the context of private life.

Check that the civil liability policy of the family includes both the risks deriving from the ownership of the building (if not already included in the global condominium policy), and those deriving from the conduction of the apartment and from facts of private life in general. You can make a visit to https://aversoninsurance.net/ and know it all now.

Make sure during construction

We recommend that you take out an RC insurance from the manufacturer during construction for any damage caused to third parties by the house under construction. It is important that the policy is stipulated up to the presumed end of the construction of the house with the possibility of extension under the same conditions and with the same premium if the construction is not completed on schedule. The fire policy must also provide for whether the building is under construction (or reconstruction).

How much is the policy for housing?

Advice on the cost of housing policies is communicated on the occasion of the analysis of the renters insurance requirement. This personalized analysis will give you a careful assessment of your consumer needs, recommending the most suitable products.

What to do in the event of a claim?

Normally the report must be made within 3 days and in any case as soon as possible. It is necessary to inform the insurance company of the event (damage) covered by the insurance coverage, provide a brief description of the events that require the activation of the contract, attaching the relative documentation and specifying if the authority has intervened (carabinieri, fire brigade, etc.). It is useful to collect evidence of the damage (photos, videos, etc.). With the Home insurance grand rapids mi you can come up with the best deals now.

How to cancel expensive and / or inadequate policies?

Non-life contracts with annual duration can be terminated annually with 60 days’ notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt; otherwise the contract is tacitly renewed one or more times for a year or a maximum of two years.


By fire is meant a flame combustion of material goods that can spread or spread. Damages due to fire without flames are excluded, burning a cigarette on the Persian carpet.

Rental risk

If you are a tenant and do not own the house, just ensure the so-called rental risk. You only insure the alleged sum that you would be required to compensate the owner for the damage caused as a result of fire caused by your responsibility.