April 22, 2024

Four latest modern wardrobe design ideas for your new home

Swinging and hinged doors have become a thing of the past as sliding wardrobe designs now replace them. Your wardrobe should be bespoke, and having the right wardrobe is as essential as having the right furniture, accessories and décor. A modern wardrobe design should be a haven of luxury and comfort. Wardrobes tend to be either too small or large, and the following are the latest modern wardrobe design ideas for your new home-

  • A bespoke wardrobe which complements your bedroom.

A bespoke wardrobe complements your décor, theme, overall look, and style of the bedroom. If you have a master bedroom which is sleek and stylish, then you would want to go for stainless steel knobs or handles for your wardrobe. On the contrary, if you have a rustic interior, your wardrobe can be made with a wood design. One should always go for a fitted wardrobe as it gives you much more in terms of lighting and features. You can choose to opt for integrated lighting that enables you to view the interior of your wardrobe.

  • Choose your closet wardrobe design.

A closet is the most essential component of a modern wardrobe design. Following are different types of wardrobe closet designs one can choose from-

  • A standard wardrobe closet

This wardrobe is the most basic one, consisting of a single unit with shelves and hanging space.

It is the type of closet which is larger and more spacious than all the other closets. This modern wardrobe design is exquisite, and it has multiple units and can also include a dressing area.

  • The custom wardrobe closet

This type of closet can be customized according to one’s needs and is designed to cater to their needs.

  • Portable wardrobe closet

If you do not have ample space in your house, you should go for a compact portable wardrobe closet that provides ample storage for all your belongings.

With so many options at your disposal, you can choose the wardrobe of your choice.

  • Freestanding wardrobe.

A free-standing wardrobe style consists of portable pieces of furniture independent of any element in the room, i.e. they are self-containing. It is a stand-alone wardrobe, and the pieces could be pre-assembled or require assembly upon arrival. This wardrobe style offers a myriad of benefits. This wardrobe is portable, and one can quickly move it to an entirely different place in their bedroom or even another house! Many people also opt for bedroom furniture sets which include freestanding wardrobes. These wardrobes are more cost-effective than custom-built wardrobes, and if you have a strict budget, this wardrobe is the best choice!

  • Sliding wardrobe with lofts.

A sliding wardrobe with a loft is becoming a rage in the market. They allow you a lot of space, thus giving you an opportunity and liberty to design the doors with reflective mirrors, glossy finish and many such types. If you opt for a sliding wardrobe, you will get ample space, and this extra space can be used for keeping jewelry, bags or accessories. It is a modern wardrobe design that makes your life easy!