June 14, 2024

Full Guide About How To Use Best OTG In India

Are you fond of grilled chicken, cupcakes and delicious cookies? Everyone will be, Right? Now imagine how good it would be if we could prepare all these yummy delicacies at our home in absolutely no time. It will be nothing less than a wish come true for most of us. So turn your wish into the beautiful reality, technology has gifted us Oven Toaster Grill. 

Most of the time the best OTG oven in India, is underestimated after the arrival of the microwave oven in the kitchen space. Thus, an OTG still has a separate fan base due to its versatile functionalities and amazing cooking speed. 

If you are still unaware of how to operate an OTG, then continue reading. 

Accessories Attached With The OTG 

  • Wire Rack- The wire rack is the appliance that is suitable for baking and toasting. You can even place the baking tray on the wire rack.
  • Non-stick Tray- The appliance comes with the non-stick baking tray that is suitable for breaking bread, cookies, and many more things.  
  • A Crumb Tray- The crumb tray always remains inside the oven. This ensures the proper cleaning of the oven. 
  • A rotisserie rod- Are you fond of cooking chicken? The rotisserie rod helps you to cook delicious chicken in the appliance.
  • Tongs- A pair of tongs helps you to pull out the baking tray without harming your hands. 

What The Best OTG in India Oven Consists Of?

Most of the ovens have grooves along the side walls. Also, there are units that don’t have grooves. In such models, you need to take care of the tray as it can get tilted while sliding inside the oven. You can put your baking tray according to your needs inside the oven. 

If your oven has in-built convection settings then it must have a fan to circulate the hot air for even baking results. 

There is a light situated in the chamber for the proper vision of the cooking food. You can find an indicator light that works as per the heating procedure of the OTG. 

Also, for the better cooking conditions, an OTG comes with the manual knobs. This allows you to set the temperature according to your cooking style.


  • Control Knobs


There are basically 3 kinds of knobs found on a basic OTG. 


  • The Temperature Knob


As the name suggests, it helps you to regulate the temperature. The minimum temperature is 100C and the maximum ranges to 250 C in most of the ovens. However, you can take help from the oven thermometer that checks and verify the temperature accurately. 

  1.   The Function Knob

The best OTG oven in India is a versatile appliance that renders several functions to the users. You can find bake, grill, fan functions written at the knob. Even you can opt for the rotisserie mode. This heats up the coil with the rod rotating. 

At the time of baking, you should go for the convection option. You can bake with the 2 partitions only if your oven is big in size. 

  1.     The Timer

With the timer option, you can set your food for max 90 minutes. If you want cooking time more than 90 minutes than you can take the help of the timer bypass function. This is operated manually and thus, gets switched off when the user turns it manually. All you need to turn the regulator anti-clockwise. 


  • Preheating 


Preheating is a very crucial feature for the correct baking procedure. Have a look at how to preheat your best OTG in India.
Preheating takes around 10-15 minutes. Therefore start with the preheating option by getting your oven ready for the baking procedure. 

Once your mixture is ready, you don’t need to keep waiting. All you need to keep it into the oven immediately.

Instructions of Preheating

  • Place the rack in the oven.
  • Now, place the oven thermometer on the rack and check the temperature.
  • All you need to do is close the door and set the function on bake.
  • Now, wait until the precise time gets completed.
  • Once the batter is ready you need to open the door and check the temperature.
  • Now keep your delicacy inside the oven. 
  • Set the timer and turn the oven on.


  • Bakeware


To bake the ingredients you need to use the cookware that is compatible with the OTG. You can use:

  • Aluminum 
  • Silicon 
  • Glassware i.e. oven safe

Wrapping Up

The above points will surely give you a clear picture of the best OTG oven in India. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your favorite delicacies at your home then get the best OTG in India now. With this single purchase, you can bid goodbye to all the hassle cooking preparations. Adopt this easy and convenient method for your cooking style.