May 30, 2024

Gorgeous beach house designs

There are a hundred different reasons to want a beach house! They provide a minimalist backdrop that makes it easy for the residents to put their own personal style stamp upon it. Beach house design typically calls to mind light and breezy spaces with lots of windows and a comfy vibe. Anyone looking for design inspiration can get a lot of ideas from taking a closer look at beach houses.

Benefits of beach house design

Whether building a new house or updating an existing family home, embracing beach house design is a winning bet. There are a number of different design elements that can give a home a beach house feel:

  • Breezy, crisp white window sheers – these give a home a beach feeling and add softness to modern interiors.
  • Open plan kitchens with fresh hydrangeas, citrus, or driftwood as style elements – a bowl of fruit, a vase of fresh flowers, or any beach-type accessories can transform a space.
  • Cozy, wide loop cashmere throws -not only will they meet a need on crisp evenings, but throws can also add a pop of color, softness, and visual interest to any room.

When building a new home, these architectural styles can be included:

  • Large, floor-to-ceiling windows – well-lit rooms filled with sunshine are a hallmark of beach house design.
  • Vaulted ceilings – the higher the better, and they are even better with raw wood beams.
  • Wide-plank, bleached wood floors – flooring can make any home feel coastal, especially when bleached wood or vinyl is used in tandem with other elements of design.

Having a minimalist home that embraces the beach house aesthetic is a great way to create a living space that feels modern but is also comfortable and inviting. Without having to take on a purely nautical theme, there are coastal elements that can be introduced to any home, regardless of its location.

The recent “Coastal Grandma” craze

Interestingly, one doesn’t have to live on the coast or be a grandmother to love this latest design and lifestyle trend. There are now clothing lines, home decor items, and even playlists catering to this aspirational way of life. Anyone who has seen a Nancy Meyer film has undoubtedly noticed the pristine kitchens, comfortable yet chic wardrobes, and outdoor landscapes populated by her enviable main characters.

This trend reaches beyond music and wardrobe choices to center on kitchens, gardens, and home decor. Taking a look at any of the popular Coastal Grandma sites or Tik Tok accounts can provide a wealth of ideas for anyone wishing to incorporate these trends within their homes. It’s important to remember that an important part of good design is adapting it to one’s own personal style. Cookie-cutter design is usually uninteresting and can feel dated rather quickly. Current trends can be reinterpreted to become unique and tailor-made for the homeowner.

Creating a home sanctuary that meets design and comfort needs, can feel like a challenge. Starting with a beach house design can help narrow down the possibilities and streamline the selection process. It’s a great place to start, and because many plans are minimalist and straightforward, it’s easy to add unique finishing touches.

There are a lot of different beach house designs that can work with a variety of different personal styles. Finding the right building plans, contractors, and finishes can make a home feel like a beach house, even if it’s miles from the water. Beach houses represent an enduring style that continues to be popular decade after decade. There’s no reason why beach house design shouldn’t be on a new homebuilder’s shortlist.