July 21, 2024

Here’s Why Your House Is Always Dusty

You might want to go for air duct cleaning in Manassas when you start to see how dusty your home is. However, it’s not always the air ducts that are the problem. You need to consider other factors as well.

Air Filters

Do you have air conditioners and exhaust fans? How about range hoods? These gadgets are equipped with filters, meant to keep dust away from your home. Over time, however, these filters can get dirty and the accumulated dust on them can actually make your home dusty. Regularly check on your HVAC filters because dirty filters can also overwork your air conditioners and other appliances. If this still does not work, it’s time to check your air ducts.

Air ducts

Air duct cleaning in Manassas should be done quarterly or annually. It really depends on your environment. If you live in a dusty area close to the roadside or a desert, you will have to have your air ducts cleaned more frequently. The air ducts on your range hood can be very tricky because aside from dust, you will also need to worry about the grease. It’s normal for grime and grease to accumulate on your range hood air ducts and this can be cleaned by professionals at least twice a year. If you hardly use your stove, though, air duct cleaning in Manassas can be done less frequently. It’s really a case-to-case basis.


Ironically, dry air as well as air that is too humid can cause dust to accumulate. It is good to invest in a good humidifier or a dehumidifier if your space seems to be having a humidity problem. Dry air can irritate your nostrils, produce more dust than usual, and cause allergies. However, when the air is too humid, this can turn dust into grime or worse, produce mold and mildew in the room which is an even more dangerous problem. This is why it is very important for you to check the humidity levels in all of your home’s rooms. This way, you can prevent mold and mildew growth, dustiness, and various health problems in your family.

Cracks around doors and windows

When your home was bright, shiny, and new, you probably noticed that you hardly had any dirt problems. Later on, as the years passed, your home could be getting dusty more easily. This can be caused by cracks around your windows or weatherproofing that has been worn out. This is easy to fix. Most people can attach brand new weatherproofing to their windows. Some are self-adhesive and easy to install. You can also hire professionals if your windows are located too high in your home, or if the designs are more complicated than you expected.

Don’t bring in dust

Sometimes, dust accumulates simple because you have let people wear shoes inside the house. This is not recommended. Aside from dust, shoes can also carry unwanted bacteria and virus. Keep shoes stored near the front door. Ask your family to always wear indoor footwear. In some countries, they even encourage people to be barefoot in their homes to make sure that they are not bringing any germs and dust into their homes.

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