June 14, 2024

Cleaning the humidifier is a big headache for many of the users. And with a vulnerable and complex design of the high-class units, it gets even more difficult and scary. But since there exists an ideal way of doing almost everything, here is the perfect way of cleaning the best humidifiers.

How to clean a humidifier?

The cleaning process of both warm, as well as cool mist humidifiers is pretty much the same. However, different facilities, features, and properties are offered by different manufacturers in order to ease out this task of cleaning the humidifier unit.

Follow the steps below to clean up your humidifier in a mess-free and safe way:

  1. Empty the humidifier and unplug it before dismantling the unit.
  2. Pour a cup or two of white vinegar in the tank/bucket and ensure it reaches to every corner of the tank. The complete tank should be wet by now. (Use gloves to prevent odor in your hand).
  3. Allow the vinegar in the tank to drain to the reservoir. This way, the vinegar loosens the stubborn mineral scaling. Wait for around 15-20 minutes.
  4. Pour out the vinegar from the tank. This will also take away some of the loose mineral residues.
  5. Now take the scrub/brush that might have been included with the unit in order to remove out the mineral build-ups.
  6. Flush water into the tank and rinse it thoroughly with water.
  7. Reassemble the clean parts in the reverse order.

Warning: Remember not to wash the filter as water might damage the sensitive flat anti-microbial material and hinder the working of the appliance. If you wish you can just wipe it gently using a dry cloth so as to remove the dirt layers.

How to disinfect a humidifier?

Many germs and microbial organisms show growth in wet and damp places. Therefore, humidifiers are one of the most vulnerable appliances against such attacks. This makes it important to disinfect your humidifier at regular intervals. Follow the steps below:

  1. Clean the tank as above
  2. Mix a teaspoon of liquid bleach in a gallon of water
  3. Pour about a half of this solution in the tank
  4. Allow the solution to reach the reservoir
  5. Wait for 15-20 minutes
  6. Empty the tank
  7. Rinse with clean water
  8. Wipe using a dry cloth
  9. Reassemble the unit.

Final Words

Alright, so following the aforementioned steps properly, you can clean as well as disinfect your humidifier unit. Also, remember to thoroughly check the user manual so as to get the information regarding the other solutions that you can use to perform the two activities. We hope you could find this article helpful in cleaning and disinfecting your humidifier.