July 21, 2024

How to improve the natural lighting inside your home

The warm feelings of sunlight are pleasant and desirable to everyone. Light improves mood and increases health. With more light in your home, you can save on electric bills, as the home will require little or no lighting during the day. The benefits of improving the natural lighting inside the home are endless.

However, there are different ways to improve the natural lighting in your home:

1. Trim Trees and Shrubs Near Windows and Doors

If you have trees and plants around your home, it would be best to trim trees hanging over your roof, windows and doors, and trim shrubs blocking the windows as well. Some tree branches must be cut and the trees responding must be allowed for responsibilities. 

2. Install Much Larger Windows and Doors

Another foolproof way to increase the natural lighting in your home is by installing much larger windows. There is a large number of windows on the market but the perfect window types for increasing lighting in the house include bay or bow windows, and picture windows.

3. Add Shiny Objects

Another way to add more natural lighting to your home is by installing reflective shiny objects in your home. These objects will amplify the natural lighting by reflecting it back inside the house. Some of these objects include silver photo frames, furniture with glass or chrome accents, wall mirrors, metallic finish on the ceiling, etc.

4. Add Skylights 

Apart from installing larger windows and doors, another great method of increasing the natural lighting in your home is by adding a skylight to your home. You only have to decide where you want the light to come in from and spread to. You can install a skylight in the kitchen or dining or passage. When installed perfectly, a skyline will not cause water to seepage into the home. 

5. Wash Window Glasses

Stained and dirty windows will undoubtedly reduce the amount of natural lighting in your home. The glass portions of the windows should be thoroughly washed for more light to pass through. Keeping your windows properly clean is very important to allow as much lighting as possible into the house. 

6. Install Glass Blocks

Installing glass blocks in the wall space of the home will provide you with mirror-like walls, and reflect natural lighting. With glass blocks, you will undoubtedly have a more Victorian theme in your home. 

7. Use Lighter Window Treatment

To increase the natural lighting in your home, use light window treatments. Avoid draperies and Roman shades, but use sheers and blinds to allow light passage into the home much better than draperies. 


Keep in mind that your windows and doors are a part of the home architecture. Having them big and reflective in the house can help increase the amount of light in the house.