June 14, 2024

Tips On Maintaining the Life of Your Carpet


Maintaining a clean home isn’t easy. There are a lot of tricky places that are hard to reach and certain delicate items that need extra care. Carpets definitely fall in the delicate category and need careful use and a lot of maintenance to look their best. You can search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to deep clean your carpet. For now, let’s check out how you can maintain the life of your carpet. 

Tips & Tricks

  1. Vacuum – This one is the simplest and the most obvious maintenance tip for prolonging the life of your carpet. However, homeowners often forget and undermine this tip since it’s so obvious and has been stated several times. You can’t ignore regularly vacuuming your carpet since it is the only sustainable way of getting rid of daily dirt and dust from your carpets. Before you vacuum the carpet, make sure to sweep or dust out the room thoroughly so that you don’t get excess dirt on the carpet. 

After that, place the carpet correctly on the ground and position the vacuum close to it for vacuuming. The position has to be right for effective vacuuming. Too low and you risk damaging the carpet, too high and the suction won’t be powerful enough to suck in all of the dust. It’s also important to be patient and take your time vacuuming slowly since it allows you to pick up even the embedded dust. 

While vacuuming is very effective at cleaning a carpet, it isn’t enough. The vacuum just removes around 75 percent of the dust and dirt trapped in the carpet. The rest is unreachable and requires deep cleaning by professionals. That’s why you should get your carpet deep cleaned at least twice a year. 

  1. Rearrange furniture – Usually, the carpet is laid out just to suit your aesthetic sense. However, you need to put some more thought into it to prolong the life of your carpet. Rearrange your furniture so that you can strike the balance between style and even load distribution on the carpet. When the load is evenly distributed, there’s no section of the carpet that gets more stressed or exposed than the rest and that makes the carpet less likely to fade out at odd spots. 

With furniture rearrangement, you can allow all parts of the carpet to get even distribution of natural light exposure. So, sunlight won’t be bleaching or discoloring a certain part of the carpet. It’s also important to use coasters while you’re using heavy furniture. Otherwise, the limbs of the heavy furniture would press down and destroy all the carpet fibers. While you rearrange the furniture, make a point to not drag them across the carpet. Make sure to lift and move the furniture to the desired positions. 

  1. Shoe-free zone – A large demographic of Americans wear shoes inside the home. They need to learn from the rest of the country and the world in general. Shoes worn outside carry a lot of the outside dirt and filth when you use them inside the home. You may not even know if the shoes are carrying organic matter like rotten leaves and dead insects. When you use those shoes inside the home, you ruin the floors and the carpets.     

That’s why you need to create a shoe-free zone in your home. You can take inspiration from the East and Scandinavia and make the entryway into a space where you take off your shoes and make your guests do the same. You can place multiple wet and dry mats and shoe cabinets for the shoes. You can also place slippers right outside the shoe-free zone to walk around your home in comfort and without spreading dirt. 

  1. Target stains instantly – Stains are like snowballs rolling down a slope. If you’re able to target and remove them quickly, they can be easily managed. The more time you allow them to sit on the fabric, the more difficult it gets to clean them later on. If there are spills on your carpet, you need to blot or dab them out quickly instead of making the problem worse by trying to scrub them off. 

When you try scrubbing off a stain, you simply push it deeper into the fabric. As those molecules make their way deeper into the fibers, it becomes increasingly difficult to extract them without the help of professionals. It’s also important to learn about different types of stains and the cleaning agent you can use to get rid of them. While some stains can be removed with a baking powder paste, others may require vinegar or vodka.  

  1. Stain protectors – The market is full of all kinds of carpet protection products, and you should use them. With those protectors, you apply a protective coat on the carpet that doesn’t just shield your carpet from stains but also keeps it from fading due to exposure to the sun. After vacuuming, this is probably the greatest thing that would help you keep your carpet clean and prolong its life for a few more years. 
  2. Don’t eat or drink in carpeted rooms – Carpets that look good and feel nice are usually expensive. They are not like the cheap soft flooring that can be bought for a few dollars for every square meter at a hardware store. That’s why you need to make certain sacrifices while using carpets. If you want to prolong its life, don’t risk eating or drinking on the carpet. While food crumbs and stubborn stains can be deep cleaned, every unnecessary deep cleaning session reduces the life of your carpet. 


Even the smallest spills and stains that look inconsequential at first, may ruin your carpet. Apart from that, there’s everyday use that puts the carpet through a lot of wear and tear, especially in a busy home. If you ever feel overwhelmed, you can always get the carpet deep cleaned by experts. All you have to do is search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire professionals fit for the job.