June 14, 2024

How to Install Your Own Sprinkler System

Your beautiful lush green lawn is on display; diverse in color, shapes, and foliage. It warrants a special system to address and maintain responsibly your beautiful outdoor space properly. Easy and effective no matter the route chosen professional or DIY, installing a sprinkler system differs in price range. Professional jobs range from $2500 to $3500 depending on the market. Your other option can save you money and be controlled remotely by cell phone or central box. Considering the type of sprinkler system that is best for your space takes detailed factors like size and shape of the lawn, so formulate a plan. Make sure water pressure and output are covered thoroughly. Then deciding on aesthetics of appearance can be erected underground or above ground level. Choices are numerous such as automatic or manual systems. Those are very important decisions to make and finally you have arrived at the installation phase of this project.

Access Granted

The first step to your lawn sprinkler system installation and sprinkler systems west jordan ut means access to the water line. After all this is your main source for the lawn irrigation system. This can be done one of two ways by tapping into the main water service line by installing an anti siphon valve or easy connection to the water spigot. This is a crucial step in keeping your main water source safe from chemicals and contaminated water.

Dig Deep

With the water source taken care of next on the list will be the dig. Here there is a choice of time consuming or labor intensive work or utilizing a trenching device to cover this stage quickly with less strain on your body. Dig the hole approximately 6 to 8 inches and sides an angle of 45 degrees having sod to fill as needed.

Man Up

At this stage there is no getting around the part necessary a requirement to the sprinkler known as a Manifold Valve. This piece is key in execution of the sprinkler as your dug hole will house the manifold valve box secured in the ground. Next attach the end of the valve to the main water supply line now tight and secure.

Run it

Place and run the special feature known as the PVC pipe making sure it is attached to the open end of the manifold valve with all support pieces such as risers and connectors. Screwed and secured the head next. Every lawn has specific needs based on irrigation and landscape that can only be solved by selecting just the right sprinkler head. Clean the system out completely with a fresh flush of water removing all debris. You are almost ready to test the sprinkler system out but first ensure the sprinkler heads are level and attached to risers all in line with the soil level. Next fill in holes and disturbed areas with dirt and sod.

Command Central

Your sprinkler system is ready except for putting together timing and length of watering sessions through a central control panel. Connect and test all features making sure it is to your liking and there is even coverage. Now you are ready to enjoy your lawn, making sure it maintains years of beauty and health. How much more maintained and valued can your home be with a lawn sprinkler system installation that is supported by work well done yourself with step by step instructions that are easy to follow and execute?