July 21, 2024

Right Kinds of Interior Designs in the Current Scenario

The coronavirus pandemic affected all sectors, and with interior design this would be no different. Check out what are the main points that designers should adopt for their future post-pandemic work.

Relaxing houses: designers reveal how to create environments that help reduce anxiety.

What are the main trends in interior design for the post-pandemic world. Look?

The living room as the heart of the house

According to her, during the quarantine the living room became the central point of a residence. It is necessary to pay special attention to it when designing a house, not just placing a sofa and a coffee table.

The sofas should be comfortable, with lots of pillows, and the space should have other types of entertainment, such as games or a table to eat snacks. The room will become, again, the place where a person can relax after a long day. As you choose for the interior design in Singapore the options for great variety of services will be there.

Sliding doors

In recent years, people have been betting on houses with very open areas. However, she explains that there is a tendency for sliding doors, in order to better sectorize the rooms.In addition, between the bedrooms and bathrooms there should be an open living room, but each room should have its own door.

Places to sit in the rooms

In larger rooms, customers have opted for an area with sofas and armchairs in one corner of the room. According to the designer, this is a new trend to remove the work area from the room, that is, people should move the office to another area of ​​the house.

Warm tones

There was a time when the preference was for lighter and cooler tones, but now there is a tendency for warmer tones, especially those with pinker subtones. She believes that this has to do with a feeling of shelter: warmer tones are like hugs from the environment.

More conscious decisions

Recycling, reuse, valorization of local commerce, all of this became part of people’s routine during the pandemic. The use of pieces from local businesses to decorate the house will continue to be used in interior design.

Outdoor locations

According to the designer, people are making living rooms in the garden to better enjoy nature. Some benches and a portable fireplace are the trends for family moments outside the post-pandemic world.

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