July 21, 2024

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner

For the air conditioning to work and to last for years, filters should be used for home air conditioners to be appropriately maintained. The maintenance of air conditioners at home is simple and requires little time. Properly maintained air conditioners should work efficiently when the hot summer days come in. Apart from the fact that the air conditioning maintenance brockton ma works well, there are a number of reasons why the maintenance of filters is very important. Home air conditioning filters can also affect the health of those living or staying within range of the air conditioning system. Air Conditioning Maintenance in Orpington can be expensive if you try and solve things on your own. You can follow these tips to keep your conditioners updated. But you will still need some help. 

Maintenance Of The Filters

Step 1

The air conditioning system should be disconnected from the mains. Once the air conditioner is unplugged, the cover should be removed. The filters are usually located on the front or back of the cover. They can also be placed in front of the coils.

step 2

Clean the filters with warm water and soap. Drain as much water as possible and then dry the filters before replacing them. A damaged or cracked filter should be replaced immediately.

step 3

The evaporator coils and cover should be wiped clean before reinstalling.

Step 4

Vacuum the evaporator coils and the grill slightly. The aluminium ribs on the coils tend to be easily damaged, so it is only appropriate to treat them carefully.

Cleaning And Rinsing The Drainage System

Step 1

The drainage pipe of the air conditioner should be removed.

step 2

Blockages and other items can be removed from the drainpipe with the bottle brush or a piece of wire. The wire or bottle brush is usually passed through the tube until it is clean.

step 3

The drainpipe should be further cleaned with water and chlorine bleach. Wash the tube with these two components and allow to dry before reinstalling.

Change The Air Filter

From time to time, the filters of the air conditioner are replaced or replaced during maintenance. The following steps may help to change the air filters:

Find the oven and filter room of the air conditioner. Usually, a metal strip covers this part.

Determine the dimensions of the air filter that needs to be replaced. The dimension of the air filters is usually placed on the side. The size of the dimensions will be printed in 16×24 inches or smaller sizes.

A replacement filter should be available for the local hardware or speciality store. Buy the filter replacement that fits the air conditioner. It’s best to consult with someone in the store to make sure the right parts are purchased.

Highly efficient filters are recommended mainly for places with warmer and dustier climates. These filters are very efficient at collecting dust particles, mould, pollen and other irritants.