May 30, 2024

Inform Your Kids: Taking Care Tips For A Single Bed And Others

Besides the furniture in your home’s common areas, your children should take care of the furniture, like a single bed in Singapore inside their bedrooms. After all, that is where they will most likely spend their time playing and studying by themselves or when they invite some friends over. Since pieces of furniture can be expensive, your children should learn how to take good care of them. Remember that discipline starts from a young age, so inform your children what they should and should not do so they will not damage any furniture in their bedroom.

1. Never Jump On The Bed

Kids are playful by nature, and that includes your children. The only way to prevent them from jumping on their loft bed with a desk is to inform them about the consequences. Other than the loft bed with a desk that will break apart, explain to your children that they might suffer from injuries.

2. Shake The Cabinet

Another thing your children should not do is share their cabinet. Even though the wardrobe closet can be heavier than them, when shaken too much, there is still a chance that it will fall in front of them. When that happens, your children will get trapped under the cabinet and cannot get out without your help.

3. Don’t Use The Chair As A Ladder

Unlike single bed storage in Singapore, which has a solid foundation, a chair only has four legs that help it stand. If your kids use it as a ladder by standing on it, they can expect it to wobble and break, causing them to fall and slap their bodies on the ground.

4. Use Coasters

Your children will become thirsty while studying or playing. If your children leave their beverages on the study table, you can expect the mugs or glasses will cause stains due to moisture, especially for wooden study tables.  Using coasters on hot and cold beverages will prevent that from happening.

5. Avoid Drawing On The Surface

You also have to remind your children not to draw on the furniture’s surface since it will be hard to get rid of them. Even though you can refurbish it, you can expect it will not be the same as it used to be. Contact Kids Haven at +65 8820 8604 (Office) or leave a message on their website if you are interested in buying new pieces of furniture, like a pull out bed frame for your children. Browse through their web pages to know what they have in stock.