April 14, 2024

 Know All About Architects & Their Job Pattern

An Architect’s job begins as and when a client comes seeking their intervention in a particular project. There can be two cases – one is when the client needs advice from an architect regarding selecting a piece of land where the architect helps in identifying the best plot to build a house. The second one could be when the client purchases land and then approaches the architect to avoid any confusion, guesses or queries and seeks help in decision making and to further design a project on the allotted space. Hiring an architect at an early stage could help the design team in expanding their vision. However, if you are looking for leading architects in India.

An Architect’s job could begin as early as planning to buy a particular site to construct a house, apartment complex, office space or a building that can be used for various purposes. Have a look at how the Architect’s job proceeds.

  • Planning About Site: Deciding on the layout of a site is where the job of an architect begins. Based on the site orientation, land planning and various other factors, the architect decides on how to come up with a layout plan. From the initial stage, the architects review various layers that assure that the site is unique and the concept development begins. They could be the mouthpiece that communicates with the local jurisdiction regarding the new site plan that should comply with the town or community plans.
  • Comes Up with a Schematic Design: Once the site planning and compliance are complete, the schematic design would begin. In this phase, the architect hires the teams that complete various phases of the design project. The architect would provide directions by keeping the design and various other factors in mind. Once the homeowners agree with the plan and design, the architect would proceed to the development stage.  This would provide more thorough details of the project such as the materials required, square footage, safety and code analysis and the pricing structure.
  • Project Details & Planning: To avoid setbacks or any other barriers, when the schematic design takes place, the architect develops a project schedule to collect information from the mechanical and landscape staff and other workers to form a team. The team would then provide various inputs and thus the plan is formed. This would be just creating a rough program of spaces. To come up with a perfect design, the architects should understand the needs of homeowners, layout and consider possible challenges that might crop up until the project is complete. When it comes to designing a bedroom in a house, the architect would add another pair of switches near the bed so that the residents could control the light and fan from the bed. All such aspects should be looked into with a lot of care and planning.
  • Design Schedule: The design schedule is developed to coordinate all the design teams that include the construction, mechanical, civil engineering and landscaping and the remaining teams. Input is gathered from each of the teams to determine the best possible idea for the design schedule to make it a reality. Communication with all the parties is necessary and must be overseen to make sure that all teams are right on track with the task.
  • Management: Various tasks should be handled as the project progresses. All the details from construction documents, waterproofing. Interior and exterior finished, structures and utility, lighting and emergency etc. should be looked into at the right time. The architect makes final construction documents at the local or state agencies and makes sure that the project gets completed on time, do check out the link provided below: https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-luxury-villas-houses-homes-builders-and-architects-in-india/

Architecture is an interesting field of work and it could be mentally rewarding. As interesting as the job seems, it could be a tough task and a lot of hard work is involved when it comes to each project. After all, an architect requires excellent skills when it comes to project management to execute and manage the assigned project. However, some people assume what architects are supposed to do and it differs from what they do.

  • Architects Design Buildings: This is a huge myth. Architects are trained and learn to design everything. Right from the furniture to the interiors, the design is almost everything. They would bring in design and creativity and various other aspects that are essential to design a house, building or any infrastructure.
  • They Should Excel at Mathematics: Architects should have good knowledge and creativity on how to utilise different spaces. However, if they are good at mathematics and physics, it can be an added benefit. Even if a student is not great in mathematics, they could still consider making architecture as their career and become a famous architect.
  • Architects make Drawings of Projects: While this is just a single aspect of what an architect does, they do ideate, brainstorm and design a plan that is also feasible to the homeowner until the plan of the project is complete and approved by all. They know how to use multiple software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, laser cutting, 3D printing and so on. The design is done not just on paper but also on software following qualitative research. The software allows the architect to see all the minute details clearly, even before the actual structure is made.
  • They don’t Read Books: This is a myth as they love to read books. Mere observation of buildings is not enough as the architects should read about the history and foundation of architecture. They might have read many books regarding the design of many marvellous structures. An architect would have various books related to architecture that they would read and it shouldn’t be any surprise when they mention their favourite author and books.
  • New Architects Are Better as they Know More Technology: As the architect gains years of experience, they would know the options they will have to pick to complete a project smoothly. Also, they can be great under pressure and in managing obstacles. A new architect might know new ways and designs. However, the implementation power can be easier and more when it comes to experienced architects. Experienced architects would have great ideas and could implement them faster and in a better way. Hence, the combination of a new and old architect in a team could work wonders when it comes to handling any project.