July 21, 2024

Know your fabrics: Different types of fabrics you can choose for your sofa

Choosing fabric for a new armchair or sofa is a big investment, as wrong material choice lead to stains, snags, and even piece coming out of the sofa, just after few months of usage. A single mistake on the material or pattern can make your whole room suffer. Whether you’re reupholstering old furniture or purchasing a new piece, fabric selection plays an important role. With a wide range of options available it can become a little overwhelming to choose the right one. Pattern and color are important, but not before type of fabric. You need to consider style, comfort, and durability about the fabric material to live a happy life thereafter. Know the different types of fabric to make the right upholstery decision.


A well-made piece of furniture is a great investment. An upholstered fabric determines the comfort and lifespan of the furniture. Go through the options to make the choice for your living room furniture set. Texture is one of the crucial elements to be considered. After all who would like to sit on a scratchy couch? The lounge chair and sofa are meant for everyday use and hence texture of the fabric should stand against roughness, meanwhile it needs to be comfy as well.

Natural fabrics

Every fabric is formed by weaving threads together; the tightness of that weave determines the durability of the sofa set.

Linen: It is soft, smooth and naturally radiant. Made from flax and strong natural fiber, it resists soiling and pilling, but can wrinkle easily. When mixed with cotton, it offers greater elasticity.

Cotton: This durable, soft fabric can be easily soiled and also susceptible wrinkling, but can be cleaned with soap water. Used mainly as slipcovers, best-quality cotton fabric blends contain about 50 to 60% cotton.

Wool: Mainly used as a blend, wool (made from animal hair) is a durable choice for fabric.

Leather: The dark, bulky leather sofas are one of the most easy-to-clean, durable fabrics out there.  Since it is available in different grades of animal hide, look for a top or full grain leather to ensure that you are getting the best quality.

Synthetic fabrics

Synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic, and velvets have their own advantages, as they do not break down quickly. Moreover, they are more stain-resistant, are easier to clean, and more durable when compared with natural fabrics.

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