July 21, 2024

Proofing professionals understand that residential roofing fort myers fl tools are crucial to getting the job done efficiently, quickly, and in a correct manner. Here are a list of 6 tools to boost your work productivity.

Cordless roofing nailer

Equipment like A cordless roofing nailer is needed for repair jobs when you want to get more done quickly. It is comfortable in hand and can fire up to 2 nails every second. This increases your productivity. If you are looking for a hard-core roofing nailer, you should check out roofing nails with a zero nail lockout feature as well as the side loading canister for one-step nail loading.

Shingle hog

The Single hog is powered by air compression, and it reduces the tear-off time by quickly and easily removing the old shingles. Shingle hog can even be used to tear off two or three layer roofs. The biggest advantage of using a single hog is that it saves the wear and tear on the roofer’s arms, shoulders, and back, which reduces the time lost due to potential injury.

Cap nail gun

A cap nail gun is essential when you are looking for an efficient way to secure the underlayment, house wrap, felt, et cetera. Cap nail guns can shoot three caps every second. This gives you the opportunity for a productivity boost, especially on the days when the sun is high and burning your back. Another advantage of the cap nail gun is that the unit is pretty small, so it does not weigh down on your hand as much as all other roofing tools.


Equiptor is a self-propelled roofing container. It boosts productivity by a massive amount. The use of Equipter increases the revenue of the roofer and reduces the labor cost. Here is how Equiptor works

Get the Equiptor towed to the job site like it is done with any ordinary trailer.

You can drive the Equiptor anywhere on the property with its gas-powered motor.

Ensure that the position of the container is right next to the home. If needed, you can extend the bed to 4 feet backward so that the container is positioned over the landscape features and flower beds.

The container is then raised to the roofline, which is generally up to 12 feet high.

The roofing debris is directly deposited into the Equiptor. There is no need to throw the material onto the tarps.

Dump the field equipped into a large container or a truck

Automatic staple gun

For quick tack underlayment, an automatic staple gun is an ideal tool because it can speed up the process.

Turbo shear

Turbo shear is used to make curved, square, and straight cuts in metal sheets. The shear is inserted into the back of a drill. Constructed with lightweight aluminum, this does not drag you down and boosts productivity.

Having good quality roofing materials can not only boost your productivity but also reduce your work time exponentially. You can find more information over here – https://litcore.ie/roofing/tile-effect